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TG DNS settings

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for the fields under the Network tap->DNS,  i'm curious what others use here when adding their choice of DNS servers, like from OpenNIC, dnscrypt, etc?  best practice to ensure anon DNS lookups and such.




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On 12/12/2017 at 4:26 PM, Support said:

Many users use DNScrypt - many users use our own anonymous DNS located here https://torguard.net/tgspec.php

It really depends on who you trust the most - some users create there own DNS servers.

I would recommend TG's secure log less DNS.




thanks for the link to the "torguard alt pub dns" list


if the "block outside DNS" is checked,  does that in essence block say, user custom DNS we check from the DNS list dialog? i've added my own local net DNS server that in turn sends requests to openNIC servers, or adding openNIC servers in the DNS list and not going through my local DNS server.

yet, sometimes DNS resolving gets hiccups when  TG VPN is running. i was curious about the "block outside DNS" setting and preferred use or the settings under the "use these nameservers".



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