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SSL Proxy Questions

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I need some basic help with SSL proxies.


Here's my goal:  I need an non-VPN/non-SSH solution to encrypt activity on an open network.  Ideally, I would like to encrypt as much traffic as possible, but HTTP would be a start.  If I use an SSL proxy (port 993), will that encrypt my traffic from "neighbors" on a local, open network?


And if so, how do I configure this in OSX, or in Proxifier?  Or can it only be used for HTTP & HTTPS requests?


I felt like i had a reasonable understanding of this, but I'm feeling quite confused on the distinction between an HTTPS proxy and an SSL proxy.




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HTTPS/SSL are the same thing, it's just basically HTTP over SSL.


If your looking to encrypt browsing traffic then using our proxy browser extensions would be the best way to go - they will work on most networks, i would suggest using encryption on any open network - our SSL proxies may not work as global proxies or within proxifier but through your browser is fine.



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