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TorGuard Linux Setup

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TorGuard Admin


TorGuard Admin

How to setup TorGuard OpenVPN on Linux (Debian and RedHat)


Step 1.) From Ubuntu Software Center, Install "OpenJDK Java 7 Runtime"


Step 2.) From Ubuntu Software Center, Install "Virtual Private Network Daemon"


Step 3.) Open up terminal and cd to the directory you downloaded TorGuard installer.


Enter: sudo sh TorGuard_unix_3_93.sh




Then input your user password


Step 4.) Click "I accept the agreement" then click Next...


Step 5.) Confirm the install directory then click Next...


Step 6.) Confirm system dir then click next...


Step 7.) Installing TorGuard files...


Step 8.) Click finish to complete the TorGuard setup wizard


Step 9.) Launch TorGuard app, input your username and password exactly as it shows in your activation email.


Step 10.) Click connect!

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Here are the instructions I've written and used successfully. I don't have to go root since I use "sudo".


1. Install Java

sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jre


2. Install VPN Daemon (openvpn)


3. Go to TorGuard's download page and select the x.xx installer for Linux.



4. Open the zip file, move it to Desktop, and extract the .sh installer


5. Open terminal, goto Desktop, and run the following commands after making

sure the version is correct as the sh-files below may be dated


chmod +x TorGuard_unix_4_1_3.sh the above is really one line, but ???


sudo ./TorGuard_unix_4_1_3.sh


6, Go thru the install procedures.


7, Close Terminal


8, Go to your menu and to Other for starting TorGuard.


9. After starting TorGuard for the first time, put in email address and password.


* If you get Error "Please install gksudo/gnomesu/kdesu" when running TG Lite

run the following command at terminal:

sudo apt-get install gksu


Goo Luck and may the force be with you...........

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Thanks back at you. Xbuntu 14.04 & TG work. But it doesn't always work. I just installed (I jump around distros a bit) Linux Lite 1.0.8 64-bit on my diy box. I updated and installed tweaks. Then I installed TG and it just sits there like a lump. I can change countries, but to no more. I'll reinstall Linux Lite and see if it will work. Otherwise LL108 is a nogo. LL106 was good. I'm going to try Voyager 14.04 and Pinguy 14.04. I prefer Debian based OSs, since that is what I've been using since Ubuntu Breezy.

** So many distros and so little time. **

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