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iOS version is not working!

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I am very happy with my TorGuard VPN for Mac...works flawlessly. Unfortunately, the iOS app is virtually unusable. It worked fine when I first installed it, but it now continuously flashes "User Authentication Failed" or "Can't Connect". 


There has been discussion of an updated iOS app since last year. When will we ever see it?


I really want to like TorGuard, but not being able to utilize it for my iPhone dramatically reduces its usefulness.


Please provide some information on the "new version" and provide useful information describing how to get around this iOS issue.



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Can i ask when the last time you updated the app ? the last version being version 1.0 - under settings you have 2 options, Cisco ipsec and IKEv2, IKEv2 can be blocked in various networks nowadays and so we recommend Cisco IPSec, however your issue seems more of a user/pass issue.


Please visit the following url: https://torguard.net/managecredentials.php
Click "Generate Random Login" and use the details that are generated, note these down for future reference, they will now be your service login details, your billing login details will remain the same.
Let me know if they now work ok for you.

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