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Android Client v1.1.30



== Release v1.1.30, 2017-04-22

* Persistant Tunnel
 Prevent leaks while TorGuard is paused by the system
 or is reconnecting.
* Add option StartOnBoot
 The user can now choose to connect TorGuard when the device
 starts. The behavior of this option is different depending on
 the Android version:
 - Android 5 and greater: TorGuard connects automatically
 - Before Android 5: Android forgets the VPN permissions on every reboot.
                     A popup will be showen asking the user to confirm
                     the VPN connection.
* Add flag for Taiwan
* Change behavior of back button in Login Screen
 Pushing the back button in the Login Screen would hide the app.
 This patch makes the app return to the Connect Screen when the
 back button is pushed in the Login Screen.
* Fix formatting of bytes sent and received in Status Screen
* Fix sent and received bytes display
 Bytes sent and received in the Status Screen where switched.
* Android TV Layout and NoTouch Layout
 Add new layouts to make the application usable with a dpad
 (e.g. a TV remote control). This is needed for devices with no
 touchscreen especially Android TVs.

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