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Netflix Unblocker - some solutions :)

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Next working solution :) (exclusive with TorGuard :) )


1. Router is itself in some vpn (even if to itself)

2. Connects to another vpn (even if to same router aka over ssh tunnel

3. Enjoy Netflix :) with most blocked IP's


I tried it now with couple IP's, ie TorGuards US server (available to everybody, its not stream IP) or even some known to me as blocked, all worked, last was Dallas (TorGuards), I did make here in this screenshot IP invisible as everbody here can read :)



Enjoy it :) and have fun loving TorGuard



@dear Netflix:


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It seems to work also for those who have only proxy product (no need at all for VPN). However, this solution currently works only on US Netflix (which is actually what most want).


If I get time, I'll check other countries too, but that's it, for me Netflix topic is closed. There are much better ways to burn money and your corporate soul then the one which Netflix has and invested into it.

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