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TorGuard Client v0.3.61

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Release torguard-v0.3.61, 2017-01-07

User Visible Changes:
* All platforms: Option "Auto DNS recovery" by default
   At start, TorGuard is able to recover the DNS state if it was
   closed forcefully. This is an optional feature and the user
   can make a static decision ("Auto recovery" or "Forget information"),
   or a dynamic decision each time ("Ask on start"). The "Auto recovery"
   option is now set as default since it is the safest one and it is
   compatible with the option "Auto start on boot" (in Windows).
* All platforms: New option "Minimum TLS version"
   The user can force the TLS version to be at least 1.0 or 1.2.
   In particular TLSv1.2 is the recommended option, as a tooltip
   suggests, and all TorGuard servers support it.
   The real TLS version used for the connection is shown
   in the Status Widget.
* Windows, MacOSX: new option "Minimize to System Tray on Connect"
   The user can choose to minimize TorGuard when clicking
   on the Connect button. This option works in combination
   with "Remember credentials" and "Auto Login on Connect".
* Linux: Bug fix on Fedora
   Some users of Fedora reported the problem that sometimes
   the resolv.conf file is left with permissions 600 instead of 644.
   Now TorGuard force the file to have permissions 644.
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