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Found 2 results

  1. Newbie question. Is there any chance that the malware the FBI announced recently that impacted routers (VPNFilter) would have been able to spy on transactions/messages prior to them being encrypted by the torguard software on those routers? I do not know what the vulnerabilities are that the articles referred to. I don't know when in the process that messages from my computer get encrypted by the Torguard software sitting on the router. I know the messages are encrypted once they leave my router. Is there any chance that the VPNFilter malware could have read my information on the router during the transmission process? Thanks.

    Great Service and Live Support

    I live in Lima, Peru. I had issues getting the VPN to connect and obtain a US ip. I was helped by Keith which showed a lot of patience with me. He was able to connect remote and fixed the issues. I never though I would obtain the VPN from Lima, Peru; however, with Keith's technical expertise and perserverance I now have a US ip from Lima, Peru. Works AWESOME. Thank you TorGuard!!
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