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Found 19 results

  1. I'm having an issue with the Polish VPN Proxy. I'm thinking it needs an upgrade to better hide the IP, or some dynamic IPs at the endpoint. For years, I've been using an app on my RPIs via Kodi that includes the TVN Player. http://sd-xbmc.org/pl TVN Player has always had georestrictions in place, so you have to "be in" Poland to use the application from either the web site or the application. Seems like it works fine via web-site http://player.pl if I'm connected to VPN, but I can't get it to work via the Kodi application any longer. I'm guessing that they've blocked the subnet or the ip address to stop our use of VPN. To fix my problems, I've moved over to using OpenVPN instead of just the HTTP Proxy, but even that is being blocked I'm wondering if anyone can assist or whether Torguard can beef up their Proxy services at the Poland endpoint to help bypass their countermeasures. Thanks in advance.
  2. Does anyone use this software and have any insight at all? I don't use it often but it's my preferred method if I have to find something old or rare to listen to. Will just having a normal torguard vpn running protect privacy or does the client itself leak our information? Is there a process to setting up vpn, soulseekqt, or both to keep our data safe?
  3. Okay, so I've done a lot of reading, it's safe to say. I asked tech support on the live chat, however, I think I had just too many questions and information and didn't know what answers I really needed. From the top. I purchased Torguard in an effort to torrent, without getting the little notices that say 'hey, knock that sh** off.' I have gotten two copyright infringement notices from ATT so far, rather, the owner of the connection has. I've since had to work my way back to actually getting the logins (albeit not through her) and I don't want to get her into any more trouble. That being said. I've read, I learned Torguard was rated highly for VPN & torrenting, and I got the anonymous proxy to go with it. There is a plethora of information out there but nothing that I can completely wrap my head around, even having a strong working knowledge of computers since Windows 95 and B&W monitors. I'm not new, but I am new to this. I understand the VPN software is an easy little click and its supposedly on, I can verify to some extent that it is working, but I cannot be sure that it remains connected or that the connection drops with the VPN - which I am not even sure of how to notice if it drops! There are ***proxy*** configuration pages for different torrent programs, but I don't see information on port forwarding, or setting up the connection to the VPN directly, and the ones that I do see have equally as many posts complaining that they have leaks due to the connection dropping and the client using data outside the vpn tunnel. I don't need a 100% hand walkthrough, but a guide or video that points to the answers would be awesome. Answers that aren't immediately thwarted by one thing or another - proper configuration for my situation, I suppose. The ISP is ATT Uverse, they have provided a 5268AC, which I connect to through a wireless adapter to ethernet (connection is faster, idk why, it just is). I am running Comodo Firewall on the machine and I would like to use bitcomet or something similar, because I would like to have access to the KAD network. I have been trying to figure this out for hours and I can't...I know I need to open ports, I don't know where to do that, the concept just plain eludes me right now, and I know this stuff well enough to be dangerous but apparently not well enough to be safe! HELP! Please, and thank you!
  4. Hey so i paid for a Proxy specifically. After I completed the purchase... I downloaded it, and only have the option of running a VPN. I was needing a proxy though. Can someone please help me figure this out.? Thank you, Trevor.
  5. Does anyone know of a way to configure Synology's Download Station with Torguard Proxy? It does not appear to have a configuration interface on which to do that...
  6. I got a Socks5 error while i was downloading a torrent on vuze. I was using a VPN at the same time. Will the vpn protect me from risk and exposure despite the socks5 proxy failing. The Socks5 icon went from green to yellow at the bottom of vuze however the routing icon sayed green throughout. Sorry im new to this. Thank you answers appreciated.
  7. TorGuard

    Year Review

    Introduction Hello, I have been a TorGuard customer for roughly a year now, since last April. I’ve experienced some of the worst VPN providers and some of the best; the last VPN service I was with was good but expensive, so I went on the prowl to seek something that had a better price for what I was getting. One main reason that made me decide to choose TorGuard as my primary provider, was their prices. The VPN package alone isn’t much of a deal breaker, but the “Privacy Bundle†is. You get access to all TorGuard’s HTTPS/HTTP/SOCKS proxies plus their VPN service for a couple bucks more which is totally a steal. It’s much cheaper to purchase a subscription yearly instead of monthly, this is where I decided it would be cost effective in the long run. Next reason was that they do not log or monitor any user traffic, besides the automated security measures they have put in place to protect their network from outgoing spam or ddos. They offer free DNS servers in USA and France which also have no logs, you can rest assured whatever you are accessing isn’t being monitored by a third entity. You cannot go wrong with choosing TorGuard as a VPN provider, they provide top notch support to all customers, good reasonable pricing and fast servers all around the globe. Available connection methods: ovpn/pptp/l2tp/anyconnect/sstp/ssl/http/socks/ssh — Up to 5 simultaneous connections. They offer many different pre-defined openvpn configurations as well as a custom generator to fine tune as per your liking. Ports can be forwarded to most server locations instantly from the portforward dashboard, simply enter the port you want to forward and the server IP. Your VPN account uses separate login details(different from dashboard/forums) for enhanced privacy and security, the user/password can be changed at any time from the client dashboard. You aren't required to enter any identifiable information upon signing up, you could put your name as John Doe if you wanted, become anonymous with TorGuard. VPN Client Software TorGuard's VPN client is easy to navigate, sporting a minimalist interface to access all vital components. It is loaded with a lot of different configurable settings and features. The main features that stand out in the client are the following: DNS/WebRTC/IPV6 leak protection, killswitch, stealth proxies, built in anyconnect support. The client works well on Windows 10, all features I've tested do their job as advertised. The client supports: Windows, Mac OSX, Ubuntu 86/64bit, Redhat 86/64bit, Arch 86/64bit, and of course if you do not want to use the client you can always use the provided .ovpn configs (for your router or another configuration setup, etcetera). Ciphers/Encryption Specs: Customer Service Support normally responds to tickets within two hours or less, with the exception sometimes it may take up to 24 hours depending how busy they are; best time frame I have found was between the hours of 5am and 6pm. Staff are responsive, they do their best to help you with what ever problem you may have. Livechat is more intended for pre-sales questions, since staff cannot confirm who you are if you try to ask a question related to your account, such support related questions should be directed to a ticket instead. Staff frequently update their blog to announce latest security concerns for various different topics and as well new features to keep you informed regarding their services: https://torguard.net/blog/category/torguard-updates/ Servers/Speed I am not aiming for maximize speed, instead, to achieve a strong layer of protection with TorGuard's services. My ideal setup looks like this: My Computer > TorGuard VPN(TCP, AES-256) > TorGuard Proxies(Load Balanced) > Tor Network. While this setup is not the best for speed, it does still work really well and can download stuff at reasonable rates. TorGuard servers are very reliable, I've been connected to a single VPN server location for weeks at a time; would be longer, but I end up changing locations/settings often. There is no bandwidth limits on any of the servers, TorGuard doesn't throttle users, you get unlimited bandwidth. Each month I find myself using over 1 terabyte DL/UL and haven't been restricted in anyway. TorGuard is the perfect choice for Torrents and or as a general VPN provider. The major selling point is the amount of servers you get access to, TorGuard claims to have over 1600 servers, available to 54+ different countries! End This review was not endorsed or paid for: it is solely based off my personal observations and information provided by TorGuard. Thank you for reading, hopefully you have gained some insight for how the services are like. If you want to try TorGuard out yourself, they offer a 7 day refund if for any reason you are unsatisfied with the service. Have a nice day. Check this out: Real Questions of Anonymity other VPN Service Provider’s Won’t Answer
  8. I subscriped to TorGuard as i was a bit paranoid about torrenting. I use Vuze on windows 10. I followed all the steps for the socks proxy however it always shows as inactive. I noticed when i download a torrent, nothing uploads. Is it normal for it to show up as inactive. And is their also a method i could use to confirm if i am actually anonymous. Thank you and sorry i am a noob.
  9. Requirements openwrt (or any openwrt based firmware like LEDE openwrt) tor libevent2-openssl libevent2 libminiupnpc libnatpmp tor-geoip (optional) tor-fw-helper (optional) Description In this guide I will install and create tor on my openwrt router. My Wireless is isolated. You can change these setting as you wish, take only care that nobody from outside can reach your LAN's. At the end of this post is a script doing everything for you. You need only to adapt the script for your settings. For this guide, my router's lan ip is This setup works for those who do use only proxy/socks product, vpn products or mix of them. It is very high grade of anonimity if all this works in some VPN, like TorGuard's which does work perfectly! What will we have at the end of this setup tor socks5 server on router's lan IP:9050 (in this example (you can set your system, browser or anything else to use socks5 which goes always over tor) Simple usage by joining WLAN (no need to setup anything on any device) set specific LAN port to go always through Tor, (especially usefull for those who use C-Lines for Card Sharing) Isolated Wireless Network (which is secured and can't communicate with LAN devices) Traffic is sent through TorGuard's proxy/socks5 (all tor's traffic sent through socks ot https proxy, Torguard Proxy port: 6060, TorGuard socks5 ports: 1080/1085/1090) (in this guide, we set only .onion and .exit urls to go over tor, all other pages will go over TorGuard's socks/proxy used by tor) (We also restrict usage on port 80 and 443 for the case that you need to hide from your ISP/VPN provder, TorGuard does not block) (if you are not using VPN, then you do hide the traffic from your ISP in using socks and from your socks provider by using only ports 80/443) (even if this setup is higly secure, consider using as addition obfsproxy which I will not cover in this guide) (socks5/proxy acts also as a fallback if your VPN stops working) This setup works if you are connected to a VPN (like TorGuard and openvpn, my router is currently in TorGuard's VPN) Installation of required packages: opkg update opkg install libevent2-openssl libevent2 libminiupnpc libnatpmp tor tor-fw-helper tor-geoip Create Tor interface with static IP 172.x.x.x Create DHCP server for tor interface Create 5Ghz and 2,4Ghz isolated wireless interfaces Add firewall zone and configure firewall for tor Configure tor with TorGuard services Download geoip and geoipv6 Reboot your router Script installing tor requirements, creating interface, configuring firewall If you are connected with TorGuards VPN and everything runs over VPN, then your tor might be inactive if it starts before openvpn during the boot because openvpn changes routes and tor needs to be restarted. In this case you can edit openvpn's start scripts, or tor's startscripts or simply adding this command under System->Startup section "Local Startup" # Put your custom commands here that should be executed once # the system init finished. By default this file does nothing. sleep 10 /etc/init.d/tor reload /etc/init.d/tor restart exit 0 How to get geoip and geoipv6 files TorGuard works blazing fast with Tor Network (!!!TORGUARD TEAM IS AMAZING, THANKS FOR GREAT SERVICES!!!) Thats it, enjoy tor network.
  10. I have been unable to get the proxy working with my uTorrent client. Below, I have attached an image of my setup. I am using the exact credentials for the proxy authentication as I do for this website. I am able to connect to torrents with my real connection, but I am not when I activate the proxy. What am I doing wrong? http://imgur.com/a/l7SSV EDIT: I solved my own problem. Interestingly enough, I used the knowledge base to try to solve my issue before coming to the forum and it appears the document is inaccurate. https://torguard.net/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=12 That article says this: For the proxy field use: proxy.torguard.org (you can also use a specific proxy IP of choice from HERE) The solution was to go to the following page and explicitly choose one to load into my uTorrent config: https://torguard.net/socksproxyserverstatus.php
  11. a public tracker is constantly timing out, just wondering if there is a solution for this? couldnt find it in the forums. the tracker status says 'connection timed out'. read a bunch of stuff that says i need to have torguard port forward something but im not sure what port. any help would be appreciated
  12. I'm having a hard time understanding what the viscosity is for and how it works differently the torguard. When I open Viscosity I can see all the servers I can connect to including PPTP and L2TP but I cant connect to them because I am already connected to the VPN app by torguard. In some tutorials like the one where I can exclude certain IP addresses (which I need) it tells me to use Viscosity and duplicate a connection and exclude it there and thats it I dont even have to connect to it, or setting up a killswitch which I just found out I can do with the Torguard App. I also have options to connect to connection automatically through Viscosity but I already have the VPN app set to connect automatically and also configured with the proxies. Soo are they essentially the same thing? Can I just use Viscosity and not use the Torguard app? Also when would I have to set up an L2TP or PPTP? Is just having torguard enough to protect my privacy along with setting up the proxies for bitorrent and browsers? Also the only reason I even needed viscosity is to exclude the ip address of this game I play because I was getting huge ping lag and support told me to use viscosity and different dns
  13. I've not been able to setup Torbrowser, the Onion project with either my proxy or VPN. Has anyone figured out a way to accomplish this Either User > Proxy/VPN > Tor Network or User > Tor Network > Proxy/VPN
  14. Hi, I am new to using the torrent proxy. Have set it up correctly in utorrent and tested it and all works fine - except when I begin to download. My usual download speed is 2 - 3 mb/s, with the proxy on I"m crawling to 1.3mb/s at best and usually way, way less. It seems very erratic. Sometimes it stalls completely. Is this to be expected? - using proxy.torguard.org on port 1090 - when proxy is on, Incoming TCP port has "Connection Status:Not connectable" If this matters? Any help greatly appreciated !!! Thank you~~
  15. Wartburg

    Deluge: no incoming connection

    Hi, I am trying to setup Deluge, following the guide https://torguard.net/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=40 I am also testing with CheckMyTorrentIP http://torguard.net/checkmytorrentipaddress.php I get the message "Success, Your torrent client IP is: nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn" But the "Test Active Port" fails (Config -> Network -> Incoming Ports) and the main GUI gives me a "No incoming connections" and the torrent does not download. (tests have been performed with the firewall down) Any suggestions appreciated. Thank you.
  16. I noticed that TorGuard offers 5x simultaneous connections for their services, which I would assume means they offer for TorGuard Proxy as well. What I am interested in is understanding what this means, or how it works, for TorGuard Proxy. Does this mean that I can be connected to the proxy service from 5 different IP addresses? Does this mean that a total number of logins limited to 5 and if so does that limit uTorrent to only 5 connections total? Does each Torrent take up a login -- even if all of them are being managed from the same client? My goal for understanding how this works is so that I can run two uTorrent clients simultaneously so that one client can run on my HTPC/Plex Box and another can run on my laptop that I use from different locations. I just don't understand fully how this would effect my connections though. Any explanation and clarification would greatly be appreciated.
  17. dazbobaby

    PS4 and TorProxy

    I want to use my PS4 with Netflix USA (I'm in the UK), while it's not a problem for my browser, chrome and firefox, they won't play movies with 5.1 audio. The PS4 however will stream 5.1 BUT while the Ps4 has a proxy setting, it doesn't have a username or password input for the proxy server. Does anyone have any idea how I can use a proxy server (even a local one) with the PS4? I can setup a proxy server on my PC, but that server has to support fetching from a proxy too. TIA Daz
  18. Hey So new to the service I like it but I have a question with respect to using the torrent proxy .. Is it possible that my actual ip could leak at anytime ? Would it be better to use it via my VPN ??
  19. uTorrent (OS X) When the proxy is off - Connection status: Connection Working When the proxy is on - Connection status: not connectable Tried all three proxy server ports: 1080, 1085, 1090 Tried manual TorGuard proxy ip addresses from the TorGuard proxy servers list. Set manual DNS entries for my OS. LAN: Set a manual IP address for my computer outside of my router's DHCP range. LAN: Tried manual port forwarding in the router. checkmytorrentip does report "Success" Despite the "not connectable" warning I do seem to make some connections. But seems I'm not in an optimal position here.