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Found 16 results

  1. I decided to write a simple guide and share it with most before preparing this guide properly and uploading everything to github. This guide will be updated and scripts uploaded to github, after that you will have just to download and run the latest available. Current one is just a scratch and var names as maybe some formatting is not optimal, but this is how I install and use TorGuard Shared, dedicated etc.. (all torguards ips where wireguard is available). I described already in this post how it is done. Enjoy Repository/Project homepage: https://torguard.github.io/openwrt-sc
  2. In this guide I decided to describe few use cases which can be used with wireguard on all operating systems as well to share some of my observations and experience. Private networks are not always private and on one side one would like to encrypt full communication with specific devices. Torguard offers 8 connections/devices at the same time, but not with all IP's/Ports at the same time and that part is a little bit undocumented by TorGuard which makes it a little bit more complicated. As example, shared IP's can be used with wireguard with all 8 devices at the same time, openvpn would require
  3. Redback813

    Torguard + Wireguard + DD-WRT

    I would like torguard operating from the DD-WRT router through wireguard and not openvpn given that the openvpn is both resource and CPU intensive. There are plenty of articles on how to setup a wireguard on a router but without the proper configuration procedure it next to impossible to setup the wireguard so when do does Torguard think they will have the configuration setup method ready for those who wish to run VPN system from their routers as oppose to desktop.
  4. Guide Requirements TorGuard credentials and Enabled Wireguard on your account (at least until you have to enable it manually, at the time of this guide's writing you had to enable it manually) rock pi 4 (or similar device) Debian9/Ubuntu 18.04 or higher Wireguard is compatible from kernel 3-5 and by that it should make no difference for those running manually compiled kernel 5 Description Hardware used for test RADXA Rock Pi 4A v1.3, v1.4 RADXA Rock Pi 4B v1.3, v1.4 OS and kernel used during creation of this guide Ubuntu
  5. Originally was going to use wireguard on 1 VM but found I had to start routing more than I originally planned. So I've now switched to setting up wireguard in pfsense. I got wireguard in pfsense and all is fine with wireguard itself(at least I think it's not the issue) Now want to direct some traffic out wireguard and other traffic out WAN Once I connect the wireguard all NON-vpn devices lose access to the Internet - they can still communicate with each other inside the network but lose the ability to do anything internet based. However my VPN devices are working as they should, I ha
  6. I have an AR750s that I’ve used WireGuard before the new config file generator. I’ve used to use Toronto wire guard and it would always work and never have any drop. Now with the new WireGuard config file generator, it looses VPN at randomly, some times 3-5 min. Only way to fix it is to generate a new config file and then another 3-5 min. I see another thread about WireGuard expires, is this the cause? Anyway around it? This is making WireGuard in the router useless.
  7. Hi. I have Wireguard set up on my OpenWRT router (Raspberry Pi 4) to connect to Torguard. I'm using Policy Routing to route only selected clients through the VPN. That works fine. I have ports forwarded through the firewall and it works when the client goes through the WAN (Xfinity) but when I use Policy Routing to send the traffic through the VPN, the forwarded ports no longer work. I believe it is because the responses are going to the VPN instead of the LAN. I can use tcpdump to see the requests hit the ports on the Wireguard interface. So what do I need to do to redirect the response
  8. Hi Wireguard is working perfectly on my end, but I haven't had any luck figuring out how to port forward yet. Anybody had any luck with this who'd like to share how they did it? I'm using the Windows client. Thanks!
  9. Hi folks I just downloaded version 4.0.1 as directed but I do not see any "WireGuard” option under Tunnel Type. I am sure I am missing something I just don't know what.
  10. I accepted the new wireguard in my latest upgrade and after a couple of days of use it just hangs on "reconnecting". Lucky it's not a car as I would have no brakes or steering.
  11. As of the update a few days ago, each time I wake up my pc from hybrid sleep, the torguard service will appear to be running in the task tray but after a minute or two it disappears and I have to relaunch the client. This has happened twice so far and, only when I am connected to the wireguard service. (note i have not tested otherwise so far so, this could be happening on the other connection types as well) This did not happen on the previous version so i do not know whether it is the new client causing it or wireguard. I will be doing more testing on my part soon when I get some spare t
  12. Usefulvid

    Wireguard fails on Windows 10

    I tried to get in touch with your support staff but I have the impression that they do not really understand the problem. The first problem was that in the TG software it looked like a successful wire guard connection has been established. But on my adapter I could see 0 incoming packages. So no internet connection was possible and one symptom of it was DNS failing. I tried to reinstall the software and uninstalled the wireguard adapter and tried to reinstall it via the TG software. But this also fails, the wireguard adapter is not shown anymore in my adapter overview.
  13. Dear TorGuard Pfsense WireGuard Users, Please Read The Entire Guide / Tutorial Before You Begin - It Will Save You Potential Setup Issues and Detail All Setup Options First you all know the drill by now - " The Intro " to pay homage to an all time oft forgotten Stax Great who speaks my mind right about now / lyrics - https://genius.com/Otis-redding-respect-lyrics and video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BDw-H_hUzw - and Nina Simone to boot : lyrics : https://genius.com/Nina-simone-mississippi-goddam-lyrics and video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJ25-U3jNWM Hello and I
  14. tastievalues

    whole-home Wireguard VPN on dd-wrt

    I've been looking around, and I know it's still relatively new and all, but I haven't been able to find a whole-home torguard dd-wrt wireguard guide/set-up... I have seen the excellent OpenVPN write ups like this one on how to set up OpenVPN on newer DD-WRT setups: https://torguard.net/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=262 I'm looking for that article, just with wireguard instructions instead. If someone can write one up, I'm sure it would be beneficial to a lot of people. On the other hand, I may be a lousy searcher and it may already have been written. If this is the
  15. James8078

    Wireguard upload speed

    Hi, I have wireguard on my router as client and also via the wireguard app on my android cell. The download speed is awesome, the same as my ISP is. But the upload is about 0 to 1 mbps instead of 15. Idea? Thanks
  16. Dear Community, Original OPNsnese Forum Post Here : https://forum.opnsense.org/index.php?topic=13461.0 And I quote " Jimi ": I see that we meet again hmmm " see here: https://youtu.be/gFAQWjdCO8o and for the purpose as stated by the leader of The Family Stone " I Want To Take You Higher - see here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQkdiJQIX5Y Now after the intro - let's get down to business. This tutorial guide details dead simple GUARANTEED method(s) to get WIREGUARD Client up and running on OPNsense Firewall. I will explore the one I prefer first. Some of you may remember my work with GE
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