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Found 11 results

  1. Hello. I have no idea how but my audio device breaks only when I'm connected using Wireguard. I tested another free VPN and it was fine. It also works when using OpenConnect with TorGuard (But the speed is very slow) I dont even quite know how this comes to happen. So far I tried reinstalling everything Torguard-related, but that did not help.
  2. As of the update a few days ago, each time I wake up my pc from hybrid sleep, the torguard service will appear to be running in the task tray but after a minute or two it disappears and I have to relaunch the client. This has happened twice so far and, only when I am connected to the wireguard service. (note i have not tested otherwise so far so, this could be happening on the other connection types as well) This did not happen on the previous version so i do not know whether it is the new client causing it or wireguard. I will be doing more testing on my part soon when I get some spare time, until then I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same issues.
  3. I have suffered trying to easily share my vpn over wifi to my smarttv for netflix purposes, and outside physically switching ethernet cables around, have been stymied so far. I finally tried looking for apps for my android, but the only one that might have worked would need a rooted phone. So finally after some searching, happened on an article showing an app for my pc instead. Phew, finally. It works. It has a free to use form of it. My tv now says its ip is routed properly through my computers vpn over wifi sharing, yey! (the win10 inbuilt one skips the vpn) Now I am not in any way related to these people, this is not marketing, its just that I tried to find a way to do this the easy way like 2-3 times over the couple past years, never found an easy answer before. The app is connectify hotspot. I just am finally happy to have found the answer, and not "go buy a wifi dongle that supports that thing" answer!
  4. Windows 10 uses a thing Microsoft calls scaling, where the size of the icons and text are adjusted to compensate for high resolution screens. Torguard needs to be updated to understand scaling. With my scaling on Windows 10 set to 200% (on my hi res screen of 3840x2160), the text and controls in Torguard v0.3.63 look like they are at a font size of about 3. Programs that are aware of scaling boost the font sizes up so that they are readable. Very very difficult to read and interpret a font size of 3.
  5. I'm trying to setup my windows 10 machine to connect through IKEv2. I followed the instructions under: https://torguard.net/article/255/how-to-connect-via-ikev2-on-windows-macos-linux-and-mobile-devices.html and imported all the certificates in the link and created the vpn connection (I used the following powershell command to add the vpn connection: Add-VpnConnection -Name "Torguard IKE" -ServerAddress "atl.east.usa.torguardvpnaccess.com" -TunnelType "Ikev2" -RememberCredential) but when I try to connect, I enter my username and password when it asks, then it gives me the following error: "IKE authentication credentials are unacceptable". I setup a macbook pro connecting to the same server and it connects without issues as does my iphone using ikev2. Just windows is giving me problems. Am I missing something?
  6. I have asked twice now without ever seeing any followup. Why does Firefox lose connectivity so frequently? It happens in Windows 10 64 bit and Windows 7 64 bit, I always have the latest update of Firefox (also 64-bit) and the latest published version of VPNetworksLLC Proxy. I do not have any antivirus extensions enabled. It happens when I'm on wireless and on direct ethernet connections. Randomly without warning I'll be unable to communicate with the proxy and when I bring up the extension I see it searching for a connection. Sometimes it'll find a new one but most times it fails and I have to dismiss the error before hitting Connect again. I always make sure my Windows machines have the most current drivers and BIOS. Curiously, this never ever happens with my Chrome extension. Furthermore, the servers that are accessible to me on Chrome are different from the ones available through Firefox. I prefer Firefox's functionality overall but I've learned if I'm doing something that needs a stable connection I have to do it through Chrome. Can we get an answer on why this is happening or if anyone is looking at it?
  7. I have searched for this and found nothing, so perhaps this is just me, but: Devices: Laptop: Windows 10 Pro Mobile: Android 6.0.1 Scenario: When using my laptop on wifi or ethernet, i use the TorGuard Windows Client. When i'm in a hotel or at work where i have no wifi access, i use the android TorGuard client and ClockworkMod Tether. The Problem: I currently have to uninstall Tether on my PC when i intend to use the Windows TorGuard Client (Tether is not running at the time) as the TG client complains about a "driver problem": "A problem with the TUN/TAP driver was detected. It is recommended to reinstall the driver". Pressing cancel will leave the TorGuard app sitting on "Starting" and will never progress. Reinstalling the driver does not fix the problem. The same error just repeats until Tether has been uninstalled before reinstalling the TUN/TAP driver. This of course means i need to reinstall Tether every time i need to connect via my mobile. This is every single day, and a month of this is starting to drive me nuts. Is there a solution to this? Thanks. Other Info: FYI The following is a link to the TorGuard.net blog post showing how to set this up: https://torguard.net/blog/how-to-unblock-4g-tethering-on-android-with-torguard-vpn/
  8. I didn't see a tutorial for setting up TorGuard access on Windows Phone devices, so I thought I write up a short tutorial. Hope this helps some people. This is based on my device running Windows 10 Mobile (build 14965) Add a VPN connection (Settings -> Network & wireless -> VPN -> Add a VPN connection) Settings as follows: VPN provider: "Windows (built-in)" Connection name: Whatever you want. For example "TG". Server name or address: Any VPN hostname from here. For example "central.usa.torguardvpnaccess.com" VPN type: "L2TP/IPsec with certificate" Type of sign-in info: "User name and password" User name: Your TorGuard user name Password: Your TorGuard password VPN proxy settings: Automatically detect settings That's it! You should be able to connect to TorGuard now.
  9. I am running the latest VPN (3.61) with Windows 10 x64. I have noticed when I stop (quit) TorGuard VPN, my Windows 10 sort of freezes for at least 60 seconds to 90 seconds. But when I get the "Successfully Disconnected" message the 2nd TIME, everything goes back to normal. What I mean that "sort of freezes" is that when I try to switch to other programs (running) by clicking on the Taskbar, I cannot choose any of them. However, it I use the Windows + Tab key, I can successfully switch to any of them, and they are running just fine. I did not notice that if I switch between each program, and close it, it still remains visible on the task bar. Once again, as soon as "Successfully Disconnected" message appears the 2nd TIME, everything updates on the taskbar. Anyone experience this issue? It's more of a nuisance than a big problem but still I don't remember happening until a few months ago.
  10. I've tried to set up Torguard vpn for 12 hours (with help from customer support) with no luck; I can't get past this message: (For Windows 10) "The LTP connection attempt failed because the security layer encountered a processing error during initial negotiations with the remote computer". Can anybody please help me? Any ideas? Thank you.
  11. Here is a powershell script that checks for the most recent unblocked Netflix IP provided by Torguard and updates the required registry entries to change the dedicated IP entry. Once updated, the script will open Torguard lite, it's intended to be used in place of the torguard shortcut (No admin permissions required) Tested on Windows 10 but should work on 7 and up. Usual disclaimer use at your own risk etc. etc.. Pastebin link, http://pastebin.com/eGs6wTBv Once saved, rename the file extension to .ps1 If you are unable to run the script see the below guide, http://www.howtogeek.com/106273/how-to-allow-the-execution-of-powershell-scripts-on-windows-7/ (TLDR: open powershell as administrator and type Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned) Hope you enjoy - Jason
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