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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, just got my VPN yesterday with streaming IP. My question is, when using the streaming IP it says to use TCP protocol and Port 443. But when not using the dedicated streaming IP, should I put it back to UDP and AUTO protocol? Or should I just leave it on TCP and 443 port for both streaming IP and regular vpn?
  2. Good day. Installed latest (1.1.36) TorGuard Android VPN client. I like it, works fine so far. However, UDP is not working correctly when going thru the cellular interface (works fine via WIFI.) I can connect fine, and the client is able to verify it's external IP address, but when I try to browse to a website, nada - the browser appears to connect (the progress bar advances a little) but then nothing else happens, and the browser eventually reports an error (Google Chrome says I'm disconnected.) Works fine if I use TCP instead. Found someone on Stack Exchange with a similar issue and someone replied it was possibly related to MTU - with UDP if the packet is too big it's just dropped, whereas with TCP it's resent in smaller units.I can get to /sys/class/net/rmnetN (there are 8 rmnet's) and some have an MTU of 1500 and some 1430 - This looks pretty normal. I don't know how to open a shell, so unless I install one, I can't use ping to test packet sizes + the phone is not rooted so I can't edit the MTU values for the devices anyway. Is there anything I can do to make UDP work? Regards,
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