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Found 3 results

  1. As far as I can tell, the IOS application is either unreliable in maintaining a solid connection with a VPN, or there is an intrinsic issue using a VPN tunnel with mobile. The reason I say this is because at random intervals of time, I notice that my VPN tunnel is no longer connected. I'll open the app, and the connection time will show 00:00 even though the VPN status bar on my phones notification tray is still "active". That being said, once I have reopened the TorGuard app, the connection time once again starts counting. This tells me that for a duration of time, my tunnel was not active, and not running in the background even though I started it. This certainly does not inspire peace of mind. Now, my question is this- Is this a result of a bug in the application? Is it a feature meant to save mobile data? Or is it a result of the phone potentially losing connection to its tower or wifi while roaming about and the tunnel closing? I'd love a response from the developers, and possibly a way to counter this in an update. For those of us who have unlimited data and want peace of mind full time, I can say I'd like to have my VPN "always on". Attached is an image of my TorGuard IOS application. This screen capture shows me having just opened TorGuard while it was running in the background. Before opening the app, the VPN icon was still showing up on the top bar, indicating the VPN is active. However, the connection timer is at 00:00. Very respectfully, -Kerry
  2. TheBurnedMan95

    Does Torguard Time-out?

    Hello I wanted to know if the Torguard software timed out after a set amount of time? Because I run the software before i go to sleep and when i get up in the AM it just closes out and i have to reset my adapter in my laptop to use my internet normally or restart it (Since i have the Prevent IPv6 Leak box checked). Am I just missing something or are you experiencing the same problem? Or is it my ISP messing specifically with my laptops wifi(If that doesn't sound too stupid)? If so could someone please help me?
  3. A big thank you for all the hardworking devs for this release. This release fixed two issues for me both of which I reported. * All platforms: set timeout for enabling interfaces up to 30 seconds This was driving me nuts. Thankfully TorGuard was quick to fix this. * All platforms: New Ad Blocking DNS I'm more eager for this feature to arrive in Android because in Windows it is quite easy with all the addons and extensions for browsers but Torguard assured me that adbocking in Android client is coming and seeing this arrive in Windows gives me hope! Thank you Torguard for all your hard work!
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