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Found 10 results

  1. Was looking to find the best balanced settings for Torguard providing the most security with only a reasonable hit to throughput but could not find much details online. I decided to run some throughput tests on a few combinations of settings to determine the best option. The tests were done using speedtest.net using the same fixed remote server for all tests. In Torguard using the pin feature, I also fixed the VPN server IP for all tests. Throughput obviously varied based on server/ISP load but not by much. Also any test combinations where the numbers seemed to not make sense, I verified
  2. ChickieBoWow


    I have the 10GB add on service and the latest torguard app installed. Works great, for a time, I get speeds up to 450Mbps, but eventually my speeds will drop down to 50Mbps. I've tried everything from resetting the modem and router, rebooting, reinstalling the client, network adapters, you name it I've done it. The ONLY solution that fixes the issue, is resetting windows. And obviously resetting the OS is a pain in the arse. Any clue why or what I can do to prevent the problem from reoccurring? Thanks.
  3. James8078

    Wireguard upload speed

    Hi, I have wireguard on my router as client and also via the wireguard app on my android cell. The download speed is awesome, the same as my ISP is. But the upload is about 0 to 1 mbps instead of 15. Idea? Thanks
  4. mouse

    Extremely Slow Speed

    Ok so i just bought TorGuard Today because i saw a video on it on how fast download speeds were compared to NordVpn, which was what i was using at the time and now i just Installed the software and speeds are extremely slow like i usually get 32 mbps without vpn and with vpn i get speeds around 4-6 mbps , someone help . here are my settings btw i have also tried openvpn and openconnect and both are slow for me however openvpn is faster
  5. Hi, for some time now I've noticed that the download speed on different servers have decreased dramatically. I can only get relatively decent speeds when using the closest server. Anything further away drops to 10-20% of the achievable speed without using VPN. For testing I have used: https://www.thinkbroadband.com/download These are the settings I'm using: Any suggestions? C3ll
  6. Hi all, devs, admins and TG users! I have a question regarding your TG / other VPNs experience when it comes to intercontinental speed. The situation: I stream a lot from USA to central europe (Germany in my case). I found the speed i get from TG standard servers (streaming ip) and other VPN providers quite underwhelming! Mostly I get around 5-8 Mbit. I even subscribed to TG residential IP 10 GBit. It did improve the speed to 12MBit at the max, but sometime I still get around 3-5Mbit. The question(s): What speed do you get intercontinental (USA to central europe in t
  7. Hi, I bought an Archer C7 v2 router so I could use it as OpenVPN client. That way the best speeds I maanged to get were 8Mbps down / 16 up. After testing a lot of differnet configuration and searching in Google the experience of other users with the same router I came to the conclusion that most routers can't deliver more than 10Mbps when they work as openvpn clients. So does anyone know any openwrt router that can deliver at least 30Mbps download speed when it works as OpenVPN client? thank you
  8. Audrin

    Ridiculously low speeds

    So I have a 110 mbit connection, and the best I'm getting from any server I connect to is 8 mbit. I'm meant to be getting faster than that, right? My torrents download at about 200KB/s. It's un-acc-eptable. Are there some settings I can tweak? Need some help here, TORGuard is basically useless to me at the moment.
  9. Hi Guys I currently reside in Australia and was just wondering if someone can tell me which proxy server would give me the best speed / security. I am currently using Mozilla Firefox, as far as I can tell, I cant see a IP address for Australia that I can use so I am unsure which country would be better to use?
  10. When I wasn't using a VPN or proxy my average dowload speeds on Bittorrent was averaging 1.2MB-1.5MB per second. Since buying the VPN Pro with Torguard I am average 115kb per second, if I am lucky to even get the download to start. I have tried all the "Bittorrent Optimized" servers, what a joke, and followed every setup guide on this site and still no change. Tech support isn't any help. Anyone know and can explain how the hell I fix this before I cancel my subscription. Thanks.
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