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Found 6 results

  1. Why are socks5 proxies only in Canada? Previously we had some in Romania, Switzerland, Netherland, Sweden and maybe more. Will there be any socks5 in EU added anytime soon?
  2. I’m trying to use the website provided SOCKS5 but VPN won’t run properly. I know I’m most likely missing something. Can anyone help?
  3. SOCKS5 seems to be on the fritz recently as I haven't been able to access anything in over a week. Upon disabling it, while logged into VPN, I found everything started working again. I verified that my credentials were accurate and the proxy address and port were as indicated by Torguard so I just assumed it was an issue with the proxy server and it'll get fixed eventually. This morning I received a DMCA notice from my ISP pointing to my IP address. Killswitches have always been armed and tested successfully. So... what's up? What could I have missed? Update: Further testing shows, using TorGuard's torrent IP checker, that both the VPN IP and real IP are visible. This was tested with two different torrent clients and connecting to two different cities. It appears TorGuard is leaking the real IP.
  4. I am using the latest uTorrent on Win10, connecting via SOCKS5. Everything works fine. Downloads are fast. But then the queue in uTorrent becomes inactive (empty or 'all done'). When this happens, and I add new torrents, uTorrent fails to connect. The fix is simple - restart uTorrent. I wonder if it's a bug in uTorrent software or some incompatibility with TorGuard's SOCKS5 proxies.
  5. I got a Socks5 error while i was downloading a torrent on vuze. I was using a VPN at the same time. Will the vpn protect me from risk and exposure despite the socks5 proxy failing. The Socks5 icon went from green to yellow at the bottom of vuze however the routing icon sayed green throughout. Sorry im new to this. Thank you answers appreciated.
  6. Hello everyone I use the Sock5 proxies available on the website. This morning I checked and it was fine as always. Since a couple of hours, I can't see the list anymore. All I have available now is "VPN Hostname" and "Proxy Hostname" I was wondering. Is this a temporary issue or it was removed? I was checking the updates on 'Status and Update" but I couldn't find anything. Thanks. Nevermind, I found it was merged on one of the options. The admin can delete this post, I can't find the option to delete it.
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