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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, Long time consumer here. I had received a copyright strike & I did some testing & After me voluntarily choosing to disconnect torguard the killswitch set to my torrent client takes about 10 - 15 seconds to see that that killswitch terminates torrent client after disconnect. I have torguard version 0.3.77.
  2. So I have a 110 mbit connection, and the best I'm getting from any server I connect to is 8 mbit. I'm meant to be getting faster than that, right? My torrents download at about 200KB/s. It's un-acc-eptable. Are there some settings I can tweak? Need some help here, TORGuard is basically useless to me at the moment.
  3. Been using Viscosity since I signed up several days ago. I ran into some problems today. The Viscosity app is currently not working at all, every time I log into a server, it asks me to update (Connection Update msg), after updating and restarting the application. The server lists are gone, so I can't connect to any VPN servers and I have yet to find a method to restore it (btw, I've already created a ticket). Found some tuturial within the TorGuard website for workaround, it does not work. So I downloaded TorGuard Lite, installed it, logged in, connected to a local server. I am using the same VPN server in the city that I reside. On a 25Mbps/2.5Mbps connection, I am getting 5Mbps/1.5Mbps with TorGuard Lite. I get 23Mbps/1.5Mbps with Viscosity. What's with the wide discrepancy? Please chime in! Thank you!
  4. When I wasn't using a VPN or proxy my average dowload speeds on Bittorrent was averaging 1.2MB-1.5MB per second. Since buying the VPN Pro with Torguard I am average 115kb per second, if I am lucky to even get the download to start. I have tried all the "Bittorrent Optimized" servers, what a joke, and followed every setup guide on this site and still no change. Tech support isn't any help. Anyone know and can explain how the hell I fix this before I cancel my subscription. Thanks.
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