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Found 1 result

  1. I have suffered trying to easily share my vpn over wifi to my smarttv for netflix purposes, and outside physically switching ethernet cables around, have been stymied so far. I finally tried looking for apps for my android, but the only one that might have worked would need a rooted phone. So finally after some searching, happened on an article showing an app for my pc instead. Phew, finally. It works. It has a free to use form of it. My tv now says its ip is routed properly through my computers vpn over wifi sharing, yey! (the win10 inbuilt one skips the vpn) Now I am not in any way related to these people, this is not marketing, its just that I tried to find a way to do this the easy way like 2-3 times over the couple past years, never found an easy answer before. The app is connectify hotspot. I just am finally happy to have found the answer, and not "go buy a wifi dongle that supports that thing" answer!
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