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Found 2 results

  1. I have discovered that I lose all access to local servers when I active TorGuard VPN on my MacBook Pro. My setup is that I have a MacBook Pro (MacOS) wire-connected to a router, which my iMac server is also wire-connected to. The router is wire-connected to my cable modem, which is connected to the Internet. With TorGuard VPN not running, I can see and access the iMac server and all other locally connected systems. With TorGuard VPN running, I can see the iMac server, but any attempt to connect to it fails. Searching for solutions, I found this link (server & VPN issue) that although not exactly my issue, points out that there is a hierarchy of connections so theoretically I should be able to list local LAN access higher than VPN access and my Mac would attempt to connect locally before using the VPN to get to the internet. Unfortunately, even when running TorGuard VPN is not listed as a service. So, other than turning off the VPN every time I need to access the local mac server, how do I access the local server and use TorGuard VPN at the same time. Thanks for any help!
  2. Over the last few weeks (or maybe more) I have been suddenly become unable to connect tot he Sydney server from my Mageia Linux desktop - all I get is a "WAIT" status no matter how long I wait! Yet I can connect to it from my Windows 7 laptop no problem! It was working previously (as it was to the Melbourne server - till that disappeared I understand). I am currently running v3.96.0, but same thing happened on v3.95.1 & v3.95.0 What might be causing this? Any help greatly appreciated.
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