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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I’m already using Torguard for a few years (mostle OpenVPN in Docker containers). Now I installed the Torguard client on my Debian virtual machine to use with Wireguard and qBittorent. So I installed Torguard, installed Wireguard, set my port forward and made connection, all working fine as expected. However when the connection is up I can no longer access (from another pc in same lan of virtual machine), the webinterface of qBittorent who resides on the same ip of the virtual machine, so ip:portnumber When I disconnect I can connect again to it. Also
  2. Originally was going to use wireguard on 1 VM but found I had to start routing more than I originally planned. So I've now switched to setting up wireguard in pfsense. I got wireguard in pfsense and all is fine with wireguard itself(at least I think it's not the issue) Now want to direct some traffic out wireguard and other traffic out WAN Once I connect the wireguard all NON-vpn devices lose access to the Internet - they can still communicate with each other inside the network but lose the ability to do anything internet based. However my VPN devices are working as they should, I ha
  3. yummiyummi

    Desktop Restricted Apps

    I appologize in advance; while I'm sure this is addressed elsewhere I'm having a difficult time searching and locating on the site or support site. With the linux VPN client is their functionality to exclude programs or traffic from VPN routing? I would like to set a program to exclude from the VPN routing, similar to the Restricted Apps list on Android app I'd rather not look at routing tables and the like. is there a function in the linux client which works as a white/black list? If not, how might I accomplish this? Thank you
  4. Hi! I have following setup. The main idea: Connect to VPN trough special WiFi spot if i need to do something special. Next upgrade: Add Tor and Privoxy service and connect from Home LAN, trough special Privoxy port. | INTERNET | external IP | |------------+-------------------------| | ISP GPON ROUTER | | | Comment: i CAN forward ports, | NAT, | change IP of internal network, | provider controlled | change a name of SSID |
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