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Found 4 results

  1. I haven't used TorGuards on my 4k firestick for a little over a month and when i went to use it today I couldn't get past the login screen. It just keeps saying "reconnecting". I can hit the back button which gets me to the home screen where you can change all your settings and whatnot but I run into the same problem there it just says "reconnecting". I'm on v1.58.1 was there an update recently that I'm unaware of? Uninstalling and reinstalling didn't help either.
  2. BobbyBobbyster

    IOS TorGuard Connection Problems

    When I went to connect to the vpn, it is stuck on “connecting...”. I am not sure how to fix it or why is it like this but could someone help me out? I want to use the vpn to go browsing through stuff.
  3. I recently updated to the latest TorGuard v0.3.56 but I can't connect to any server, it shows "Reconnecting" and nothing happens. The same version is working fine on my Mac, everything was working fine on my Window until I upgraded and now I can't even use my normal network to access the internet. Edit: The issue has been fixed.
  4. Hi Can someone advise me how to get Torguard VPN lite to reconnect? I am running a dell and have been through turning off power savings, got rid of intel wifi driver. Connects well, then if left it disconnects and does not reconnect. Ta
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