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Found 1 result

  1. I have a home computer that is using TorGuard VPN for torrenting. I am able to login and connect to a VPN server of my choosing. So I have no connection issues. I also have an ASUS RT-N66U wireless router, which the home computer I just mentioned is connected to. I have enabled the OpenVPN feature on the ASUS router so I can tunnel into my home network from work. At work I use an OpenVPN client to connect to my home network via the ASUS router, and use RealVNC to remote into my home computers, usually the one used for torrenting. My issue is since I began using TorGuard VPN, I cannot access my home computer running TorGuard VPN via RealVNC from work. I can't even ping the system from work. If I stop TorGuard VPN, my system is accessible via RealVNC from work and I can ping it. In addition, what is weird, is from my other home computer (which does not have TorGuard VPN), I can access the computer with TorGuard VPN via RealVNC from home and ping it too, even when TorGuard VPN is running. Anyone can give me some insight on what I can do to fix the issue?
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