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Found 6 results

  1. Hi. I have Wireguard set up on my OpenWRT router (Raspberry Pi 4) to connect to Torguard. I'm using Policy Routing to route only selected clients through the VPN. That works fine. I have ports forwarded through the firewall and it works when the client goes through the WAN (Xfinity) but when I use Policy Routing to send the traffic through the VPN, the forwarded ports no longer work. I believe it is because the responses are going to the VPN instead of the LAN. I can use tcpdump to see the requests hit the ports on the Wireguard interface. So what do I need to do to redirect the responses to the WAN instead of the Wireguard interface (if that is in fact my problem). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Rob
  2. Hi guys, I got the feeling I'm asking an already answered question, When I create a VPN connection, I get an IP address in the country I chose. When I do a Port Scan of that IP address (for example with nmap) I see allot of OPEN ports. >> nmap ***.***.***.*** Starting Nmap 7.70 ( https://nmap.org ) at 2019-**-** 16:37 WAT Nmap scan report for ***.***.***.*** Host is up (0.079s latency). Not shown: 979 closed ports PORT STATE SERVICE 22/tcp open ssh 25/tcp filtered smtp 53/tcp open domain 80/tcp open http 135/tcp filtered msrpc 139/tcp filtered netbios-ssn 389/tcp open ldap 443/tcp open https 445/tcp filtered microsoft-ds 465/tcp open smtps 993/tcp open imaps 995/tcp open pop3s 1198/tcp open cajo-discovery 1723/tcp open pptp 2000/tcp open cisco-sccp 4443/tcp open pharos 4444/tcp filtered krb524 4445/tcp filtered upnotifyp 5060/tcp open sip 7070/tcp open realserver 8443/tcp open https-alt Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 6.48 seconds note: some data is obfuscated with '*''s The thing is, I'm sure I do not have these ports open or such services running. QUESTION: Can somebody explain a bit what these ports are and how this kinda works. And in the case I have a service/port open how would I see it and am I 'safe'. Many thanks, and merry Xmas/newyear..
  3. Good day. I guess this a Feature Request? I think the port-reservation website should let us pick a "pool" (a city) and then suggest a server automatically; even better if it looks at which port we want and then picks a server that doesn't have that port already reserved.Here is why I'd like this: When you connect to a "pool" the VPN client picks a server randomly from that pool. This means that on average, every server in the pool will have the same load - the same number of users using it. However, if 1000 people have reserved ports on Server A, then we can expect that particular server to have, on a bad day, 1000 more people using it, since TorGuard graciously lets us pick which server we connect to (you can "pin" a server in the client, or even multiple ones if you want.) So if I were to want to pick a server for my own port forwards, I'd want the server with the least amount of people already reserving ports on it Because that particular server should be the one with the least load, on average. As it is, I can't really pick any server over any another in the same pool, since they all ping about the same - I can't tell which has the least load. This should also benefit TorGuard, helping to distribute load across servers more evenly. Regards,
  4. Cerealconyoghurt

    Port Forward doubt

    Hi, I have opened an IP/Port following the Port Management instruction, and in the dashboard, everything seems ok (Port Forward IPs) But when I test the port in any web Open Port Check Tool the IP/Port, the outcome is "blocked" Am I doing something wrong?
  5. I am a new user of TorGuard VPN and I was wondering what are the main differences between the port/auth settings, aka what are the differences between choosing either/or of the following: 443 (SHA1) 80 (SHA1) 995 (SHA1) 1912 (SHA256) 1195 (SHA256) 1215 (SHA512) 389 (SHA512) 1914 1212 (SHA256) 4443 (SHA256) | Stealth
  6. I'm trying to port forward a port on my VPN connection but it doesn't seem to work. I've gone to the port forwarding page and have specified the protocol, port, server IP, vpn protocol and port/auth and it says its active yet qbittorrent says otherwise. Looks like qbitorrent only gives me a green connected icon when i delete the port forward setup on the port management page on the site. Seems like the delete sequence triggers something on the server making it work for a brief second before then getting deleted. This leaves me wondering if I'm missing something here and how the heck port forwarding is meant to be setup?
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