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Found 2 results

  1. I have port forwarded 32400 through the port management service on torguard's website but I still can't remotely connect to my plex server. I made sure that the ip is the same one as I pinned to the torguard client and I'm sure that I am using the config that torguard told me to use. Any solutions?
  2. This is a how-to configure PMS and Torguard VPN running under a Synology NAS on DSM 6.1.4 in 10 EASY steps. This assumes the following: * You have Plex Media Server installed on your Synology box. * You'll need to open port 32400 on your router. * PMS will need to be configured for remote access with a manually-specified port (32400). * This uses a VPN configuration run from your Synology box, and not your router. Step 1: Configure the Synology VPN connection as instructed here: https://torguard.net/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=237 Step 2: Connect to said VPN, and find out what your external IP is by going to Synology Control Panel > External Access > DDNS > Add > External address (IPv4) and copying the IP address there. If you have DDNS configured, it'll show up on the list of DDNS service providers and you don't need to go into the Add menu. Step 3: Log in to your torguard.net account and go to https://torguard.net/tgconf.php?action=vpn-openvpnconfig to make a new OpenVPN config file with the following parameters: Hostname/IP "Custom" > use the IP you obtained from Step 2 Protocol TCP Port of your choice, but take note as you'll need to give this again in Step 5 Encryption Cipher should be something with CBC (make sure you use CBC, as DSM doesn't seem to support GCM) Click on Generate Config Save this somewhere you can get to it later. Step 4: While you're in torguard.net, go to the Client Area > Management Actions > Request Port Forward Step 5: Request the following: Protocol TCP Port 32400, click + IP Address: the IP you got from Step 2 Protocol: TCP Encryption: something similar to the port/cipher above in Step 3 Click on "Submit Request" and wait a few minutes (might take longer if you're doing this at 2am and there's nobody to comply with your request); once the Status goes to green and "Active" your port is now open and available. If it says "The port tcp:32400 on ***.***.***.*** is already used on the requested server - please choose a different IP or port." then you're all set here. Step 6: On your Synology DSM, go ahead and create a new VPN connection using the new config file you created in Step 3. Step 7: Restart PMS using the Package Center. Once it restarts, click on the URL in the package, and ensure the server successfully signs in under Settings > General Step 8: Connect to the VPN. Step 9: On your browser (ideally on a network outside your home), navigate to https://app.plex.tv/ Step 10: Enjoy your media! Notes: * It's important that you select Custom in the OpenVPN config generator. If you use any of the pre-determined hostnames, the IP provided may not be the correct IP with the open port, and the connection will fail. * If the external VPN IP changes, you'll need to do this again from Step 1, although I'm told that the IP shouldn't change. Any feedback is welcome and appreciated!
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