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Found 2 results

  1. Sir Dominus

    WAIT Status

    Hi there. I suddenly got a WAIT status when trying to connect to US servers from Australia. I contacted TG and they said for an extra $4, I could get a dedicated IP. I did that and I still get the wait status. They suggested that I try different combos of protocol and cypher, which I did, with no success. My TG virtual adapter v9 enables if I connect to Canada for example, but not for my dedicated ip. I'm at a loss. Can anyone help me. I'm getting sick of tickets and waiting for responses. Cheers.
  2. Ok, so, I've re-installed Linux Mint 18 about 6 times, and I've finally figured out at what step my connectivity get's completely killed: After installing TorGuard, and then after disabling it after having had it enabled. Expected Behavior (Linux Mint 17.3 did this): After using TorGuard, click disconnect on the TorGuard client. Normal network connectivity is restored. Current Behavior (Linux Mint 18 does this): After using TorGuard, click disconnect on the TorGuard client. Normal network connectivity is not restored. Websites cannot be browsed. Teamviewer has no connection. Checking for updates yields in a "red X" icon indicating no internet. I will note that I can still VNC into port 5900 while on my local network when this is down and not working, but my description above for what is not working is still accurate, even when VNC'd in. My network connection is "manual", and I have a static IP, Netmask, Gateway, and Google DNS. This works just fine until I install TorGuard and then disconnect after a happily VPN'd session on the machine. Here's a thread I found (it's recent and relavant) on the LinuxMint forums in regards to this exact issue. Just thought I'd make devs aware on the Torguard end, since it might be something we can change on this end to help ensure reliability.
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