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Found 3 results

  1. So I see TorGuard now provides 'residential streaming IPs'. Sounds very promising. However, if I just need streaming, and because most browsing is now over TLS, I don't need any VPN encryption at all (which coincidentally is the bottleneck with 99% of routers). So ideally I'd pay for, say, an NYC residential IP address, and use my Ubiquity EdgeRouter-Lite (which is not speedy at all when used with OpenVPN and can't use hardware for L2TP encryption), so I'd get the maximum possible speed. My question: Is it possible to configure some sort of PPTP-client for TorGuard with no encryption whatsoever?
  2. Hello I am new to Torguard. I was looking for a new vpn provider that might have faster speeds. Well the openvpn speeds using your app are nothing short TERRIFIC! Your speeds using L2TP on an Asus rt-ac3110 router are not as good as my current provider. With my current provider I get 153Mbps download speeds. With TorGuard I am getting 97Mbps. A little disappointing given your GREAT openvpn speeds with your app. I live in south florida and tried using your Florida servers, east.usa.torguardvpnaccess.com & fl.east.usa.torguardvpnaccess.com. OpenVPN is much slower then L2TP I find. Would this be typical speeds? I get about 180Mbps DL with no vpn running. Anyway just trying to see if this is the best speed I can get on my router? Thanks Jtimmyf
  3. TorGuardWRT + OpenVPN + TorGuardApp + Extras more info following in coming days. Please leave your comments. Further discussion, descriptions, guides will follow only on corresponding github project page. I may or may not reply in this thread. As replacement of a discussion board where you would like to discuss with me about this project, it will be on slack channel. Please follow github for more info, github will be updated in next few days.
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