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Found 12 results

  1. I remember reading a post about a year ago saying that IPv6 support would be coming soon. Are there any updates on a timeframe for this as there is huge congestion on the ipv4 network in my country and it's becoming almost a necessity to use ipv6 for things like youtube etc.
  2. Hello, Is it possible to include OpenConnect protocol into Torguard's iOS mobile app? I understand this can be configured manually via AnyConnect iOS app, however the manual process is cumbersome and every time you connect to the server, you have to input the password. This is probably because of the way Torguard has implemented OpenConnect. I have another VPN with OpenConnect profiles which doesn't require that in AnyConnect app. Anyway, it would be great if native OpenConnect support would come to the app. There is only 1 mobile iOS VPN app that I know which has natively incorporated OpenConnect into their app. I think since Torguard support that protocol natively in the desktop apps, why not to have it implemented into iOS app? The use case if very simple, especially when other protocols including OpenVPN and Wireguard fails to work consistently in certain countries. Thanks for consideration.
  3. pinochle

    iOS 15 woes

    Any else having trouble connecting to servers while running the iOS 15 betas? My devices won’t connect to any servers.
  4. Hi, Just wondering about the IOS app update. When will the new version released? I found that the IOS app is lacking compared with the android one. Thanks
  5. I tried dns leak tests after connecting to torguard office ios app. I am connecting from India location and in dns leak test it shows Indian dns results. Same dns servers are shown when i run dns leak test not connected to torguard vpn. Is it considered as dns leak? Because when i connect to same server from windows app it doesn't show Indian dns servers in the results.
  6. On latest iOS, cant stream on Netflix. I get the following error "You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again. For more help, visit nextflix.com/proxy."
  7. As far as I can tell, the IOS application is either unreliable in maintaining a solid connection with a VPN, or there is an intrinsic issue using a VPN tunnel with mobile. The reason I say this is because at random intervals of time, I notice that my VPN tunnel is no longer connected. I'll open the app, and the connection time will show 00:00 even though the VPN status bar on my phones notification tray is still "active". That being said, once I have reopened the TorGuard app, the connection time once again starts counting. This tells me that for a duration of time, my tunnel was not active, and not running in the background even though I started it. This certainly does not inspire peace of mind. Now, my question is this- Is this a result of a bug in the application? Is it a feature meant to save mobile data? Or is it a result of the phone potentially losing connection to its tower or wifi while roaming about and the tunnel closing? I'd love a response from the developers, and possibly a way to counter this in an update. For those of us who have unlimited data and want peace of mind full time, I can say I'd like to have my VPN "always on". Attached is an image of my TorGuard IOS application. This screen capture shows me having just opened TorGuard while it was running in the background. Before opening the app, the VPN icon was still showing up on the top bar, indicating the VPN is active. However, the connection timer is at 00:00. Very respectfully, -Kerry
  8. Taylor Brown

    IKEV2 on iPhone

    Why is it that ikev2 through the TorGuard app on iPhone doesn't work? No matter what server, or network, it constantly keeps cycling through connecting and disconnecting.
  9. I have experienced what seems to be a bug in TorGuard on iOS devices: If I enter a wrong password or user name, TorGuard will keep retrying to connect and will refuse to disconnect, effectively hijacking the device's entire network connection. You will need to kill VPN entirely on the device to regain control of your network. I have had it happen on both an iPhone and an iPad. Has anyone else seen this?
  10. Anyone know what the remote id is when setting up ikev2 on iOS?
  11. Hello, I have a dedicated IP working well on desktop clients; however I receive an error when trying to use it with an iPad. Followed the same tutorial procedure [dropping the files into OVPN share in iTunes] but after I add the connection to OpenVPN app on the iPad and then attempt to connect I get an error: OpenVPN error: option_error: sorry, fragment directive is not supported nor is connecting to a server that used the fragment directive. Does that mean I am unable to use the ca.crt and IP.ovpn files to take advantage of the dedicated IP we have been provisioned on an iPad or have I misconfigured it? Thanks
  12. Hi, on my ipodtouch with iOS 8, when connected to VPN, often I don't receive any push notifications (Facebook, Viber etc), while sometimes push does work. Is there something one should do to make it always work? Thanks!
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