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Found 1 result

  1. Recently had issues with Netflix using my dedicated streaming IP. Almost a month ago since Netflix was stomping out IPs to bypass their geo-restrictions. I then noticed the same last week for Hulu and Showtime so I was screwed. TorGuard support was awesome. Helped me get a new IP in a new area (previously in NYC now in Dallas) and I updated my VPN router and works flawlessly on the VPN streaming IP network. My IP works like it did before on web browsers, through the TorGuard app (programming in the dedicated IP), and through iOS and Android Hulu, Showtime, Netflix, and Disney+ apps. The issue is in my Apple TVs. I have the newest Apple TV and the previous 4th generation one and even when connected to the confirmed working VPN wifi network (the I was saying above that works with apps and browsers) it still gives me an error in Hulu and only shows me local Swiss content and not US content. I get Hulu error P-EDU103 which is a home network error. Basically, looking at Hulu support I need to change my location of my home network. If you move, get a new ISP, whatever, they want you to give the newest location. I haven't done it but I think you give a zip code and when I use DuckDuckGo to search it shows me my IP's zip code so I will input this. I wanted to see if anyone has run into this issue and if this caused them issue? I also wanted to use this as a way to share my experience as it seems like a simple update but I believe Hulu only allows 4 location changes per year. I haven't used any for mine so I'm okay but wanted to share in case others have this issue. Will update after any feedback here or when I do change it.
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