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Found 4 results

  1. BobbyBobbyster

    IOS TorGuard Connection Problems

    When I went to connect to the vpn, it is stuck on “connecting...”. I am not sure how to fix it or why is it like this but could someone help me out? I want to use the vpn to go browsing through stuff.
  2. I've been running Torguard proxy for 5 years now. Initially I bought a VPN but decided I didn't want the whole house to suffer the performance (my wife often works from home) so I switched to a proxy. Another reason for the switch to a proxy was that I run a mail server on my desktop and even with help from Torguard Support, it would be complicated to use the VPN, such as installing DD-Wrt on my router, adding firewall rules, etc (if I understood it at the time). So, I switched to a proxy account. It wasn't until last year that I got my first copyright warning from my ISP, but then I got 1 a week ago and 9 more yesterday. My theory is that the proxy is disconnecting but Deluge (v1.3.13 running on Linux) keeps downloading. Am I right, that the proxy can occasionally disconnect? (I did read several Topics here in the forum about this.) My Deluge Proxy config has Socks5 W/Auth, my username/pswd, proxy.torguard.org and port 1085 for Peer, Web Seed, Tracker, and DHT. For the first 4 years I had used a particular host address from the long list online, but I changed it to "proxy.torguard.org" last year. I forget why I made that change. After that first ISP warning last year, I may have thought that a hardwired IP might disconnect more often? Or, I may have thought that with the host name, if the proxy died it would switch to another and continue downloading instead of stopping altogether. Typically the torrent checker status shows one of the following: "Tracker Status: Error: Connection timed out", or " Error: Success, TorGuard Netherlands Socks5 Proxy Connected." but downloading always continues. I did a test and changed proxy.torguard.org to and downloading continued and the checker still said "Netherlands Socks5 Proxy Connected". BUT, if I exit and restart Deluge and it's daemon, THEN it won't download, and the checker status is now shows " Error: Connection timed out". So it seems the active Deluge doesn't detect the proxy down? The odd thing is that if I change the fake IP address back to proxy.torguard.org in the running Deluge (without stop/restart), after less than a minute it starts downloading again. After a couple of minutes the torrent checker status changes back to " Error: Success, TorGuard Netherlands Socks5 Proxy Connected." So, something a bit flaky in Deluge in that it can't detect the proxy disconnecting, but can detect it becoming active? It seems there is no kill switch for proxy use, so I wrote a simple one yesterday. I believe I've occasionally seen my real IP address on the STATUS tab of the "Check My Torrent IP Tool" in Deluge, and I assume it's because the proxy disconnects. My simple kill switch therefore runs in a cron job every 30 seconds, gets the check torrent info with "deluge-console info 0975cf2f18db055ef67f87651637e0da366e9877" and scans it for my real IP address. If I don't find my real IP address I know it's working. If my script finds my IP address, I figure the proxy has disconnected. I initially thought I'd pause all torrents in Deluge. I don't know if that's good enough to stop my visibility to peers so I actually halt the server which removes the process entirely. The script sends me a txt message so I know to look at Deluge to see what's going on. HOWEVER, I don't really believe that my real IP has to be shown in the tracker status for the download to be using it, and making me visible. IOW, I don't think my kill switch is very useful at the moment. So, lots of things I don't know for sure: is the problem really that the Proxy is "disconnecting"? when the status shows "Tracker Status: Error: Connection timed out" but it's still downloading, is it still actually using the proxy? is proxy.torguard.org better than a hard-wired Torguard server IP address? is my 30-second check interval often enough for my IP not to be seen? does just pausing torrents in Deluge remove them from the Peer list that other peers see? and of course, is there a way to handle all this?
  3. For months, I have been having major issues with TorGuard VPN on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The issues include: Most of the time, it takes multiple attempts to connect. It will get stuck in Wait, I'll cancel and retry, it will get stuck in Wait again, and so on. Sometimes I kill the TorGuard app and relaunch it. It can take 10 or more tries before it connects. It gets stuck in Wait, and in Detecting, and in another status that I don't recall. I've tried different servers (Atlanta, Dallas), ports (Auto, Stealth, 389), ciphers (AES-128-CBC, AES-256-GCM, BF-CBC), and protocols (UDP, TCP). Once it's connected, it frequently disconnects. Sometimes it's momentary and auto-reconnects, which still results in me getting booted from my remote desktop session. Other times it's a permanent disconnect and I have to manually attempt to reconnect. These problems are very disruptive, and annoying. Thus far I've tried 2 other VPN services besides TorGuard, and neither one have the capabilities that I need. TorGuard is great, but I need it to work.
  4. So I attach a laptop at work to Xfinity's hotspots (mainly to browse outside of my job's network) and use the TorGuard client to further protect what I'm doing. The signal from the hotspot is really strong and whenever I don't use TG's VPN, it's remains solid throughout the day. If I connect to a VPN, it'll generally disconnect after 10-15 minutes, sometimes quicker, sometimes longer. I know it's doing it since I have app kill enabled for the browser, just in case. I read in Xfinity's forums that they block VPN's on the public wifi's (I don't seem to have the same problem at home - at least not as much). Are there specific settings that I should be using to get around these constant disconnects? I read that setting TorGuard to TCP:80 will do the trick and I'm trying it, but thought I would reach out to see if anyone else is having problems or has specific answers. Thanks!
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