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Found 14 results

  1. yopparaiiii

    VPN Client setup via DDWRT Router

    I am having trouble setting up the vpn client using dd-wrt firmware router. I've followed this guide. It looks like I got a connection, but I don't have Internet access on any devices connected to the router. Router: Linksys E4200 DDwrt Firmware: K2.6 (30880) Setup: Connection: Log:
  2. Hey all, I recently installed Linux Mint (19.2 Tina) on two laptops. After downloading the TorGuard client onto each, I discovered that the client will open on one of the machines (a Lenovo Thinkpad) while the other (a Toshiba Satellite) won't run the client. On the Toshiba, the system will ask for my authentication to run the client (as it normally does) but the client doesn't run. I've attempted purging/reinstalling/updating/upgrading the client (from the software app, the terminal, as well as downloading the .deb package) on the Toshiba to no avail. I've tried running from the taskbar
  3. @ECHO OFF SETLOCAL REM Program path and filename: REM ---------------------------------EDIT--------------------------------------- SET "CLIENTPATH=C:\Program Files\BiglyBT" SET "CLIENTFILE=BiglyBT.exe" SET "EXITCMD="--closedown" REM ---------------------------------END---------------------------------------- ECHO VPN and BT launcher ECHO --------------------- TASKLIST /FI "IMAGENAME EQ %CLIENTFILE%" 2>NUL | FIND /I /N "%CLIENTFILE%">NUL IF "%~1" == "start" ( IF "%ERRORLEVEL%"=="1" ( ECHO Starting %CLIENTFILE% START "BT" /B "%CLIENTPATH%\%CLIENTFILE%" ) ) ELSE IF "%~1" == "end
  4. The client should remember the Sort choice across restarts. Thanks!
  5. Taurean

    No Notification Sounds

    Since the last client or Windows update, the client notification isn't working and doesn't make any connection / disconnection sounds in Windows 10 v1804. Thanks
  6. 166312_1511348153

    Ubuntu Tray Icon Support

    This question was asked last year and was answered saying there will be support for this in the next update. Still no option for this in version 0.3.78. As said before, this application is something that stays on constantly so having it with running applications can make it quite cluttered. Any idea if a tray icon will be implemented soon?
  7. I have been testing the new Seamless reconnect feature of TorGuard Windows client v0.3.78 and I am having a weird issue. I usually connect to the internet in my Windows 10 laptop via USB tethering my cellular network. Most of the times the network is stable. In the previous version, TorGuard v0.3.77, sometimes I randomly got disconnected and reconnected(most probably due to poor network reception?). The reconnect was automatic, I didn't have to do anything. But With the new Seamless reconnect feature in v0.3.78 the reconnect doesn't happen when the network comes back and a popup appe
  8. Hello -- I've a couple of suggestions for the UI... Put pinned servers on the top of the list automatically sorted by usage frequency Remember the last window position Thanks!
  9. Requirements: openconnect vpnc vpnc-scripts Install requirements: Ubuntu/Raspbian # Update repository sudo apt-get update # Install openconnect and vpnc scripts sudo apt-get install openconnect vpnc-scripts -y Openwrt/Lede (current available openconnect does not work, you need to compile your own) # Update repository opkg update # Install openconnect and vpnc scripts opkg install openconnect vpnc-scripts Connect to VPN: Method 1 (password stored in a file) (password is stored in plain text) # Method 1 - Password stored in file sudo openconnect -u YourUsername --authgroup=DEF
  10. OpenConnect Client Guide For Windows: For Android: Usefull Links/Guides: INFO: Please login to your account to find actuall server list and choose your server. All openvpn/l2tp/pptp hostnames work with anyconnect on port 22. Anyconnect hostnames use port 443.
  11. Hi, I bought an Archer C7 v2 router so I could use it as OpenVPN client. That way the best speeds I maanged to get were 8Mbps down / 16 up. After testing a lot of differnet configuration and searching in Google the experience of other users with the same router I came to the conclusion that most routers can't deliver more than 10Mbps when they work as openvpn clients. So does anyone know any openwrt router that can deliver at least 30Mbps download speed when it works as OpenVPN client? thank you
  12. Hi, I made this Script to start uTorrent after 60 seconds while my VPN Connection is trying to connect. timeout 15 start c:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent\uTorrent.exe exit Since I noticed it takes some time to get my Dedicated IP address. TorGuard started the Script a little to early I hope someone have use for it Best Regards, BrooBee
  13. Hi everybody, As a linux n00b and first time poster on this forum I wanted to share my experiences and gained knowledge setting up a VPN on OpenElec. The main reason I wanted to set op a VPN-client on my raspberry Pi was to watch BBC iPlayer from outside the UK. I tried xBian but got into trouble with some DNS-stuff and the TUN adapter. So I flashed openELEC on it and tried again. Setting Up Raspberry Pi 1 Windows 7 PC ExtraPutty Winrar Notepad++ Filezilla Win32 disk imager OpenELEC-RPi.arm-6.95.3 8GB SD card Tips & trics for linux n00bs: You can use TAB to autofill folders the comma
  14. LITE ON MAC 1) drag it to trash2) sudo rm -R /Users/username/Library/Application\ Support/VPNetworkLLC3) sudo rm /Users/username/Library/Preferences/net.torguard.TorGuard.plist all the commands got to be in a single line. remove the break lines please
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