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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I'm trying to configure OpenVPN on my Chromebook (ChromeOS 71.0.3578.127). I followed the official instructions, and while a few steps are worded slightly differently, things initially seemed to work. I can connect to TorGuard servers and obtain a 10.25.x.x IP along with DNS Servers, Unfortunately, the connection doesn't work. Any web activity just hangs at 'resolving host', and I can't ping external servers (e.g. Google) from the developer console - either by hostname or IP address. I tried manually entering DNS servers to rule that out, but it just seems like I'm not establishing a proper connection. After a couple of minutes, the VPN still says 'connected' but my computer reverts to its normal public IP and lets network traffic through again. Unfortunately, this is worse than not working at all since it superficially seems like the VPN is working. Anyone here have ideas for next steps, or recommendations for Chromebook configurations? Thanks UPDATE: I tried another configuration method and it worked. I manually generated an ONC config file for Chromebook. I then imported it into my system by browsing to chrome://net-internals/#chromeos and imported the ONC file where it gives the option. It didn't look like it changed anything, but when I checked my network connections I noticed a new VPN configuration was added. This one actually works! I hope this helps anyone else looking to configure their Chromebooks. Perhaps the documentation should be updated to reflect this option in case the first method doesn't work.
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