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Found 3 results

  1. Ton

    OpenVPN over Shadowsocks

    Direct OpenVPN connection (even with Stealth port) does not work in China now, and the connection via the built-in Stealth Proxy, which is based on Shadowsocks, is extremely slow from my network. As I've bought another Shadowsocks service, I managed to run TorGuard's OpenVPN over Shadowsocks by first start the Shadowsocks in proxy mode and then enable custom proxy in TorGuard's Android App with address and port 10801 (depending on the settings of Shadowsocks), and finally adding Shadowscocks to the "restricted apps" of TorGuard. However I haven't figured out how to do that on macOS. Has anyone tried something similar? I'm doing that since Shadowscocks itself is not safe or cannot unblock Netflix, but TorGuard alone simply cannot provide any meaningful connection from China at this time.
  2. Dear Support, I submitted a ticket before regarding setting up Torguard in any compatible router using Stealth port. I was told by the tech this is only supported on DD-WRT firmware versions r24xx to r29xx. (Don’t know why) I read through the official documentations about the related instructions, none of which mentioned enabling stealth feature. In the OpenVPN configuration generator tool, stealth port is not an option. Also, as far as I know the stealth feature uses direct IP of the server rather than the domain name. What is Torguard's plan and progress about this issue? Will Torguard develop or update the instruction document for the clients, which is easy to read and operate. By the way, I am currently in China and has been happy with Torguard for the price and the product. It is not urgent; I just want to know how I can make Torguard more effective and efficient. Thank you for your support and attention.
  3. I'm starting a topic to discuss ways of getting VPN services to work from within China. Getting around the Great Firewall can be tricky at times; they're always changing the protocols and connections that get blocked, and they'll throttle different kinds of traffic at certain times. So, the VPN/proxy configuration that works today might not work next month, but then work again sometime later. I think this would be a good place for people in China to post what's working and what's not on an ongoing basis.
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