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Found 6 results

  1. How to configure uTorrent on Windows Various optimizations and security tweaks. Step 1: Open uTorrent settings Step 2: Configure Connection Step 3: Configure Bittorrent Step 4: Bind to VPN IP (optional, requires VPN) Step 5: Disable advertisements Step 6: Block uTorrent from Windows host file (optional) Step 7: Testing for leaks
  2. Using VPN specifically for private torrent downloading. Followed Knowledge Base instructions and used the checkMyTorrent tool but error is "offline (timed out)" which isn't covered. I have tried different proxy setups but cannot get it started. Is there another guide or way to set bittorrent/utorrent up with Torguard VPN??
  3. a public tracker is constantly timing out, just wondering if there is a solution for this? couldnt find it in the forums. the tracker status says 'connection timed out'. read a bunch of stuff that says i need to have torguard port forward something but im not sure what port. any help would be appreciated
  4. TheBurnedMan95

    Bittorrent troubles

    Hi I wanted to know if someone could help me with BitTorrent Installation because the program has been acting up since this afternoon. I'll list the problem in a numbered list to not make it to complicated. I am not very Tech Savvy!! 1. Downloaded torrent, finished and program went into Not Responding mode every Startup until it never launched. 2. Uninstalled and re-downloaded program from BT site. 3. Tried to run .exe window pops-up to Run file and i click and nothing happens 4. Consulted google and forums said to "unblock" .exe file and did that and just like i said in (3) nothing happens 5. Tried to install older version but same results. 6. So I installed Deluge and everything ran smoothly I hope someone can help me with my problem. If not if someone running Deluge 1.13.12 could please tell me if its somewhat similar to BitTorrent and also could tell me the way to modify the programs stats to boost d/l speeds. Again thank you for taking the time to help me.
  5. Hi, I'm struggling to connect to seeds with bittorrent meaning i'm getting very slow download speeds. i use deluge as my client, I've had a tcp and udp port open by torguard which i've than set in deluge and opened in my router. Can anyone suggest what i'm doing wrong? deluge does report that it's connectable but i only connect to one or two seeds per torrent thanks
  6. When I wasn't using a VPN or proxy my average dowload speeds on Bittorrent was averaging 1.2MB-1.5MB per second. Since buying the VPN Pro with Torguard I am average 115kb per second, if I am lucky to even get the download to start. I have tried all the "Bittorrent Optimized" servers, what a joke, and followed every setup guide on this site and still no change. Tech support isn't any help. Anyone know and can explain how the hell I fix this before I cancel my subscription. Thanks.
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