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Found 17 results

  1. I remember reading a post about a year ago saying that IPv6 support would be coming soon. Are there any updates on a timeframe for this as there is huge congestion on the ipv4 network in my country and it's becoming almost a necessity to use ipv6 for things like youtube etc.
  2. How can I connect to a specific city (say, Seattle) via command-line or script? The Windows client is great, but I'd like to be able to fire up torguard and connect to (or disconnect from) the vpn via script. Using Windows 7. Batch script, powershell, even perl or other languages would be fine. I don't need full working code - but was surprised not to find examples via my searches. I have the "Anonymous VPN" service, if that matters - I see openvpn.exe, ss-local.exe, TorGuardDesktopQt.exe and TorGuardWindowsUtilities.exe in my installation directory. Many thanks for any help!
  3. Complete newbie here. How can I make a list of applications on my Windows PC, which do not use the VPN while the VPN is connected? I think probably this question has been answered before but I can't find it anywhere. Thank you in advance. 😍
  4. I tried to get in touch with your support staff but I have the impression that they do not really understand the problem. The first problem was that in the TG software it looked like a successful wire guard connection has been established. But on my adapter I could see 0 incoming packages. So no internet connection was possible and one symptom of it was DNS failing. I tried to reinstall the software and uninstalled the wireguard adapter and tried to reinstall it via the TG software. But this also fails, the wireguard adapter is not shown anymore in my adapter overview. I also submitted a debug log to your support staff Security software is only Windows Defender
  5. Greetings, I have taken the time to create this post, because I have taken many turns trying to solve the problem of the speed of the VPN and I have realized something that I want to share with the whole community and especially those who have the same trouble. I had tried first to change the DNS thousands of times. Testing even those provided by the company and my problem persisted, so I wondered what happens because a free vpn is faster. Then I decided to uninstall the application as they had sent me deleting the folders. That solved the connection problem but not for long because it again slowed down when I connected to the Internet in TOR. So I drew conclusions from when it worked well and when the vpn worked badly. And I was given to try this: To uninstall version 3.96.1 and install the previous one, I suppose 3.96.0 and Excellent of marvel returned the speed of my internet. So I can tell you guys that the problem is Software, tor offers excellent service and quality their servers everything is wonderful. The problem is your engineers should update the app's software to a more optimized one. Only that detail I hope you can solve it thanks Tor
  6. @ECHO OFF SETLOCAL REM Program path and filename: REM ---------------------------------EDIT--------------------------------------- SET "CLIENTPATH=C:\Program Files\BiglyBT" SET "CLIENTFILE=BiglyBT.exe" SET "EXITCMD="--closedown" REM ---------------------------------END---------------------------------------- ECHO VPN and BT launcher ECHO --------------------- TASKLIST /FI "IMAGENAME EQ %CLIENTFILE%" 2>NUL | FIND /I /N "%CLIENTFILE%">NUL IF "%~1" == "start" ( IF "%ERRORLEVEL%"=="1" ( ECHO Starting %CLIENTFILE% START "BT" /B "%CLIENTPATH%\%CLIENTFILE%" ) ) ELSE IF "%~1" == "end" ( IF "%ERRORLEVEL%"=="0" ( ECHO Exiting %CLIENTFILE% START "BT" /B "%CLIENTPATH%\%CLIENTFILE%" %EXITCMD% ) ELSE ( ECHO Something is missing or wrong parameters! ) ENDLOCAL EXIT Usage: file.bat "start" / "end"
  7. Good day. Can TorGuard please adjust the Client Installer so that we can un-select the TAP adapter? It currently picks the old 9.9.2-3 by default (On Win7) which does not work with the Windows Firewall, and the only other choice is to install 9.21.1 - I am already using a newer version, I do not want to have to fight the installer every time a new TorGuard client comes out. Thank you.
  8. Since the last client or Windows update, the client notification isn't working and doesn't make any connection / disconnection sounds in Windows 10 v1804. Thanks
  9. Hi! I recently started using torguard for playing ffxiv coz i was tired of using 2 vpns ( one for game and one for TS/discord as our isp blocks those). It was much more comfortable to have one vpn covering everything and i liked it. but i did notice some delay in final fantasy 14 and blamed it for my lack of knowledge of using torguard. What are the recommended settings for trying to play keeping in mind im playing on a european server in germany? Thanks
  10. I'm using TG Client v0.3.78 on Windows 10. I have a pre connect script which enables my wired nic and disables my wifi nic a post connect script which enables my wifi nic and a disconnect script which disables both nics All 3 scripts work fine when tested at the command line When TG Client launches both nics are disabled (by design) When I hit connect the TG Client just waits for existence of a default route but doesn't appear to fire the pre connect script to enable the wired nic. (and therefore create a default route) What is the design here? When is the pre connect script meant to fire? The post connect and disconnect scripts both run as expected. Thanks
  11. I have been testing the new Seamless reconnect feature of TorGuard Windows client v0.3.78 and I am having a weird issue. I usually connect to the internet in my Windows 10 laptop via USB tethering my cellular network. Most of the times the network is stable. In the previous version, TorGuard v0.3.77, sometimes I randomly got disconnected and reconnected(most probably due to poor network reception?). The reconnect was automatic, I didn't have to do anything. But With the new Seamless reconnect feature in v0.3.78 the reconnect doesn't happen when the network comes back and a popup appears saying reconnect failed. I tested the theory by switching mobile data on/off. On the Standard Seamless reconnect, the network will automatically reconnect. But with the New Seamless reconnect, I get the popup as seen in the attached image when I switch back the network ON.
  12. I have tried reading the posts, but all I see are terms with which I am not familiar. This seems very complicated to me. I just need to simply know what settings to use with TorGuard to download torrents and surf the web anonymously. I really don't know what other uses I would have for TorGuard other than those two. I followed the tutorial regarding setting up for Bittorrent use, but I experienced problems and submitted a ticket for help. The first thing they told me was to abandon those settings the tutorial had outlined. I could get no clear answer as to specifically what settings to use to accomplish my goals, or to accomplish them with additional features of which I am unaware. So, I'm very confused by all these terms and applications and I'm asking this question for anyone willing to help me set this up in a useful way. I will be grateful for any assistance and/or advice. Thank you for your consideration.
  13. Hi, I'm in the process of upgrading the TorGuard software and I'm wondering about the TAP drivers. I am using Windows 7 Pro, 64bit and the Torguard installer is attempting to "Reinstall" TAP v9.9.2_3 (I do not currently have this version installed). Also if you visit https://openvpn.net/index.php/open-source/downloads.html (scroll down to the bottom) it says that v9.9.x is for Windows XP while TAP 9.21.x is for Vista and above. Shouldn't the TorGuard installer detect the OS and install the appropriate TAP driver? Does it even matter?
  14. OpenConnect Client Guide For Windows: For Android: Usefull Links/Guides: INFO: Please login to your account to find actuall server list and choose your server. All openvpn/l2tp/pptp hostnames work with anyconnect on port 22. Anyconnect hostnames use port 443.
  15. A noob question- can we enable file sharing and network discovery, along with Torguard? This is for streaming media over at home, and printer sharing? Or does it have any risk with VPN?
  16. Here is a powershell script that checks for the most recent unblocked Netflix IP provided by Torguard and updates the required registry entries to change the dedicated IP entry. Once updated, the script will open Torguard lite, it's intended to be used in place of the torguard shortcut (No admin permissions required) Tested on Windows 10 but should work on 7 and up. Usual disclaimer use at your own risk etc. etc.. Pastebin link, http://pastebin.com/eGs6wTBv Once saved, rename the file extension to .ps1 If you are unable to run the script see the below guide, http://www.howtogeek.com/106273/how-to-allow-the-execution-of-powershell-scripts-on-windows-7/ (TLDR: open powershell as administrator and type Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned) Hope you enjoy - Jason
  17. Hi, I used TG Pro software. My problem is when connection drop, TG software should show the message that VPN disconnected or somethings like that. I though problem was reconnect option and disable it. I am very confused now. Because software sometimes show the message that TG is dc and sometime don't. Reconnect option is disable but not working!!! I reinstall program, disable firewall and ....but can't find the solution. it's important for me because i use Kill Switch option. When software showing the message Kill Switch works truly, otherwise its not working. someone can help?
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