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Found 10 results

  1. How to setup Viscosity with TorGuard on Windows. Where is the (Viscosity) download link?? and How to Get TorGuard My VPN Client Licenses ???
  2. Is there any benefit to using viscosity over the torguard client? Also, viscosity doesn't seem to exist for me in the downloads section.
  3. I have a question about using different levels of encryption with Viscosity. I use this page for reference VPN Encryption and Spec. So from reading that page I assume that by default Viscosity comes configured to use BF-CBC, correct? Now if I want to use AES-256-CBC with a specific server all I have to do is change remote server port to 995 and add "cipher AES-256-CBC" to extra openvpn configuration commands, correct? I have done above and everything appears to be working fine. Support told me that using AES-256-CBC with Viscosity was not possible and I should use the TorGuard client instead so I just want for someone who an expert on this to confirm that what I did above is right and works correctly. Thanks!
  4. I'm having a hard time understanding what the viscosity is for and how it works differently the torguard. When I open Viscosity I can see all the servers I can connect to including PPTP and L2TP but I cant connect to them because I am already connected to the VPN app by torguard. In some tutorials like the one where I can exclude certain IP addresses (which I need) it tells me to use Viscosity and duplicate a connection and exclude it there and thats it I dont even have to connect to it, or setting up a killswitch which I just found out I can do with the Torguard App. I also have options to connect to connection automatically through Viscosity but I already have the VPN app set to connect automatically and also configured with the proxies. Soo are they essentially the same thing? Can I just use Viscosity and not use the Torguard app? Also when would I have to set up an L2TP or PPTP? Is just having torguard enough to protect my privacy along with setting up the proxies for bitorrent and browsers? Also the only reason I even needed viscosity is to exclude the ip address of this game I play because I was getting huge ping lag and support told me to use viscosity and different dns
  5. Here's how I fixed this in case anyone else has the same problem. My power went out at home overnight and when my Win 10 PC rebooted I couldn't connect to the internet. The network adapter was functioning but locked-out somehow. Viscosity wouldn't work either. After repeatedly uninstalling and reinstalling viscosity and changing the DNS on advice of Torguard chat support, all to no avail, I remembered that the old Torguard VPN Lite client used to lockout the internet sometimes when the PC woke from sleep. * Uninstall Viscosity, * Restart the PC * Install Torguard VPN Lite * Connect to the last server you were on with Viscosity (try any server if you can't remember) This got my internet going again, with the network icon in my taskbar showing clear (No yellow triangle with exclamation point) *Finally, uninstall the Lite client, restart your computer then reinstall Viscosity. (This Viscosity lock-out was a pain in the ass, but the Lite client tends drop connections a lot, for me anyway -- Having them both installed at the same time doesn't work.) I Hope this solution saves you the time I wasted. Good Luck!
  6. Is it possible to have the stealth proxy in viscosity? If not, is it possible to use the TorGuard app with a specific server? Such as the one I have a forwarded port with?
  7. when or is Viscosity ever going to be available for linux? the wine(windows emulator) crashes when trying to install viscosity through it..
  8. I just installed the viscosity client today and it seems to be working alright, except every time I connect to a server it tells me a few seconds later that a connections update has been downloaded and I need to disconnect if I want to install the update. As soon as I disconnect it deletes the entire list of connections and I have to reinstall the program if I want to get them back. If I don't disconnect everything works fine until I do. I did a little searching on the forums but wasn't able to turn anything up. Anyone have any idea what could be causing this? Thanks!
  9. Been using Viscosity since I signed up several days ago. I ran into some problems today. The Viscosity app is currently not working at all, every time I log into a server, it asks me to update (Connection Update msg), after updating and restarting the application. The server lists are gone, so I can't connect to any VPN servers and I have yet to find a method to restore it (btw, I've already created a ticket). Found some tuturial within the TorGuard website for workaround, it does not work. So I downloaded TorGuard Lite, installed it, logged in, connected to a local server. I am using the same VPN server in the city that I reside. On a 25Mbps/2.5Mbps connection, I am getting 5Mbps/1.5Mbps with TorGuard Lite. I get 23Mbps/1.5Mbps with Viscosity. What's with the wide discrepancy? Please chime in! Thank you!
  10. this is a guide to proper uninstall procedure for viscosity this will fix the missing servers stuff and its proper way to do the uninstall all the commands got to be in a single line. remove the break lines please VISCOSITY —1) Drag viscosity to trash from application folder 2) UNLOADING THE HELPER TOOLsudo launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.sparklabs.ViscosityVPPHelper.plist Run it again: it should say now: " Could not find specified service"Thats fine 3) REMOVING THE VISCOSITY HELPER .PLIST filesudo rm /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.sparklabs.ViscosityVPPHelper.plist 4) REMOVING THE HELPER TOOLsudo rm /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/com.sparklabs.ViscosityVPPHelper 5) REMOVE EVERYTHING IN THIS FOLDERsudo rm -R /Library/Application\ Support/ViscosityVPP Careful with this one. -R command can erase your whole hdd. Make sure you have the path entered after the -R, or everything goes.You have a good backup, right!? 6) Removes it from your home directorysudo rm /Users/YOUR-USERNAME-HERE/Library/Preferences/com.sparklabs.vpp.torguard.plist 7) remove the folder with configs // BE CAREFUL WITH -R SWITCH HEREsudo rm -R /Users/YOUR-USERNAME-HERE/Library/Application\ Support/ViscosityVPP_torguard
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