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Found 1 result

  1. How to remotely terminate a VPN connection while ensuring the remote computer is still able to access the internet via normal means? I would presume this might be possible by temporarily changing the "Service Password" under the 'Security' drop down menu in the Torguard Account Area, but if I do this, 1) Will I be able to change the password right back to what it was before? 2) Will this actually terminate any of my active Torguard VPN sessions, and if so, 3) Will the target computer still be able to access the internet normally, or will some sort of "kill switch" functionality disable the internet connection of the remote computer? A suggestion for Torguard support staff: I would recommend, in the 'My Services' section, that two additional options of functionality be added to the 'Management Actions' drop down box beside the listing for 'Anonymous VPN monthly,' consisting of: 1) Terminate active VPN sessions without kill switch, to still allow the target computer to access the internet, or 2) Terminate active VPN sessions while employing internet kill switch. That is just a suggestion. The problem I am having is one which I have already brought to the attention of Torguard Support but am still awaiting a resolution for. Shortly after I activate a VPN session on a remote computer which I am controlling via Teamviewer - the Teamviewer session terminates, and another successful Teamviewer connection to the remote computer cannot be made until maybe upwards of a half hour or so after the VPN is manually terminated by the support staff. While awaiting a resolution to this Teamviewer incompatibility, in the meantime I would like to know how I can remotely terminate the VPN connection of the remote machine myself so I can regain Teamviewer control, without having to rely upon Torguard Support to do it for me? Torguard Support just so happens to be closed right now. -Thank you.
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