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Found 13 results

  1. Recently had issues with Netflix using my dedicated streaming IP. Almost a month ago since Netflix was stomping out IPs to bypass their geo-restrictions. I then noticed the same last week for Hulu and Showtime so I was screwed. TorGuard support was awesome. Helped me get a new IP in a new area (previously in NYC now in Dallas) and I updated my VPN router and works flawlessly on the VPN streaming IP network. My IP works like it did before on web browsers, through the TorGuard app (programming in the dedicated IP), and through iOS and Android Hulu, Showtime, Netflix, and Disney+ apps. The issue is in my Apple TVs. I have the newest Apple TV and the previous 4th generation one and even when connected to the confirmed working VPN wifi network (the I was saying above that works with apps and browsers) it still gives me an error in Hulu and only shows me local Swiss content and not US content. I get Hulu error P-EDU103 which is a home network error. Basically, looking at Hulu support I need to change my location of my home network. If you move, get a new ISP, whatever, they want you to give the newest location. I haven't done it but I think you give a zip code and when I use DuckDuckGo to search it shows me my IP's zip code so I will input this. I wanted to see if anyone has run into this issue and if this caused them issue? I also wanted to use this as a way to share my experience as it seems like a simple update but I believe Hulu only allows 4 location changes per year. I haven't used any for mine so I'm okay but wanted to share in case others have this issue. Will update after any feedback here or when I do change it.
  2. I have heard some others (PIA) is able to have an exceptions setting for various programs, to allow them to bypass the vpn. For example, I am in the US, and would like to access Netflix without having to exit TorGuard, because I will be multitasking and running other programs and applications at the same time. I would like to be able to enable such an exceptions settings without having to pay extra. I am not a technical / geek and would easily get lost as to opening additional ports, etc., but I suppose if that is the way I may have to give that a try. If there is not an easy way, I hope that TG software designers will consider implementing such a feature in a relatively easy to use manner. Thanks very much.
  3. Hello, I purchased this this product because a friend said it would be a good way to get around my companies firewall to access Netflix at work, which our websense software must block. Is that possible? I was under the impression I'd be able to log-into the site then go through a browser. However, it seems like I need to download the software on my computer which I don't have permissions to download (It requires a systems administrator PW to install). Am I just out of luck, or am I missing something? Thank you kindly.
  4. tjtrform


    Currently I can't watch Netflix while using TorGuard. Other VPNs have found a way around this, is TorGuard working on one?
  5. On latest iOS, cant stream on Netflix. I get the following error "You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again. For more help, visit nextflix.com/proxy."
  6. Hello everyone, I'm not sure if I'm the only one experiencing lots of blocking since yesterday when trying to access Netflix USA. Streaming services are pretty much the main use for the VPN service so if this is not working anymore I might have to try another service. I am using a Linux desktop and trying to watch locally via Browser and even this is not working for a couple of days now. I updated the version to 3.91.0 but still no luck. Does anyone have an idea what might be the issue? Verification via the TorGuard client is positive. I am in any of the locations I have tried so far. Got stuck with New York because seemingly the fastest connection because I am connecting from Europe. Output of ip route show (where is my local network and .11 is the system I am working on): Thanks for any suggestions in advance. Yours ViiJay.
  7. Rakshasa

    Netflix won't work

    Hi, I'm using torguard + torguard secure dns but netflix still blocks me.
  8. Hey so I recently bought this as I read it could help me (in australia) access the US Netflix. It keeps coming up with errors and I need to make this work. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks guys
  9. I think there is no need to write a guide for this project, they documented it well. Python is available on openwrt and you can use this directly on your router. Can anybody try this on their ddwrt routers?
  10. Hello, I have start to read al the possible posts in regards to Netflix and their Geoblocking, even with VPN, which makes people nuts. I'm an italian guy, leaving in Germany, which has an account to Netflix so that the children can look some series or cartoon in their mother tongue (italian). Accessing Netflix from Germany shows almost everything just in german and I'm reading that a dedicated IP would work. Looks like Torguard is offering them with a 50% discount. So the final question is: will a dedicated IP work or is Netflix starting to ban also dedicated IP (in this case would be an italian one)? P.S. And obviously all the italian services like Sky GO are blocked outside from Italy too also with a VPN.
  11. Here is a powershell script that checks for the most recent unblocked Netflix IP provided by Torguard and updates the required registry entries to change the dedicated IP entry. Once updated, the script will open Torguard lite, it's intended to be used in place of the torguard shortcut (No admin permissions required) Tested on Windows 10 but should work on 7 and up. Usual disclaimer use at your own risk etc. etc.. Pastebin link, http://pastebin.com/eGs6wTBv Once saved, rename the file extension to .ps1 If you are unable to run the script see the below guide, http://www.howtogeek.com/106273/how-to-allow-the-execution-of-powershell-scripts-on-windows-7/ (TLDR: open powershell as administrator and type Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned) Hope you enjoy - Jason
  12. TheBatman

    Netflix (other than usa)

    Hi, Is there anyway of using the vpn service to access netflix from different regions. Not just the USA but other regions such as Japan and Brazil. (Japanese one has a lot of content not on usa) I understand that you can purchase static ips for these regions but this is at an extra cost. Is there anyway to get around the netfix 'you seem to be using a proxy/unblocker service' error message with the current vpn servers?
  13. Samsung smart TV

    Samsung Smart TV setup

    Hey, I have a Samsung Smart TV that is about a year old. I can't seem to get the US version of netflix going (in australia). Does anyone know how to set this up? thanks.
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