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Found 4 results

  1. In this guide I decided to describe few use cases which can be used with wireguard on all operating systems as well to share some of my observations and experience. Private networks are not always private and on one side one would like to encrypt full communication with specific devices. Torguard offers 8 connections/devices at the same time, but not with all IP's/Ports at the same time and that part is a little bit undocumented by TorGuard which makes it a little bit more complicated. As example, shared IP's can be used with wireguard with all 8 devices at the same time, openvpn would require
  2. I've been using Wireguard on windows to connect to Torguard using the default Wireguard app for some time, everything works, so I know the problem is not with the config file or server setup. I'm using the exact same config (while the windows client is down, of course) to connect from Ubuntu 20.04 and the routing doesn't seem to work. I'm out of ideas, maybe someone can help me. Same thing happens on AMD64 (VM under Hyper-V) and on ARM64 (raspberry-pi/4 with 8 gigs or RAM). Here's the config: [Interface] PrivateKey = ******** ListenPort = 51820 Address = 10.29.0.***
  3. I'm having minor difficulties setting up TorGuard VPN to my TP-Link Archer A2300 router. The connection I'm trying to use is L2TP. Do I use OpenVPN? Is there certain certificates I need? Can someone please help me out. I'm following the basic setup/manual/instructions but It's just not working for me, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. 😢
  4. Hello, I am struggling with my different configuration to get a decent download rate with torrents. I have followed the different guides and faqs provided by Torguard, but my dl speed rarely goes above 100ko/s (Without Torguard, I usual dl at 2Mb/s) On Deluge network settings, I have set port 50799 to be used On Proxy settings, I have selected SocksV5+Auth for each proxy, using host proxy.torguard.org and port 1090 On my physical router, I have set a route for port 50799 and 1090 (internal + external) on both protocol TCP & UDP to be redirected to the IP Address of my computer
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