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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, Not sure where else to leave these suggestions so I'll leave them here. The Android app has been working great so far the include/exclude function is great. With that said here are a few suggestions for future improvement: 1) AutoStart app on Launch option for those with basic/no automation support. 2) Tasker variables for automation ie. to start a selected vpn profile via the Torguard app whenever I'm away from my home network. I can do this now with the OpenVPN Connect app but it would be great if I could just use the Torguard app. This is possible in tasker via: Add action type “System”->“Send Intent” If the Tasker variables are already available then I'd appreciate if you can list them as I've been unable to find them here. Thanks...
  2. @Support Can you please provide us with the intents and variables needed to script the start and stop of the Torguard Android app via Tasker. We requested this back in 2018 but none have been provided as yet. Thanks.
  3. For months, I have been having major issues with TorGuard VPN on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The issues include: Most of the time, it takes multiple attempts to connect. It will get stuck in Wait, I'll cancel and retry, it will get stuck in Wait again, and so on. Sometimes I kill the TorGuard app and relaunch it. It can take 10 or more tries before it connects. It gets stuck in Wait, and in Detecting, and in another status that I don't recall. I've tried different servers (Atlanta, Dallas), ports (Auto, Stealth, 389), ciphers (AES-128-CBC, AES-256-GCM, BF-CBC), and protocols (UDP, TCP). Once it's connected, it frequently disconnects. Sometimes it's momentary and auto-reconnects, which still results in me getting booted from my remote desktop session. Other times it's a permanent disconnect and I have to manually attempt to reconnect. These problems are very disruptive, and annoying. Thus far I've tried 2 other VPN services besides TorGuard, and neither one have the capabilities that I need. TorGuard is great, but I need it to work.
  4. Hi using TG client on Samsung S7 under Oreo - I have "never" checked under " Disconnect when screen is off". 8 times out of ten, it works as it should, meaning that when I turn the screen on, I am connected. That's great But the other two times TG says " reconnecting" and stays there. I have to hit "disconnect" first then "connect". Did anyone have this problem and have a solution? Thanks
  5. I spent all day yesterday trying various combinations of 'tick boxes' on the TG Android client on my Nvidia Shield in order that it will connect the VPN 'on boot' and it just would NOT do it. Never got to try out the situation of 'Connect on wake-up' but I suspect this would be just as disappointing. In the end I had to use the OpenVPN app (which has an awful UI !!) and import various .ovpn files. My Nvidia Shield now connects to VPN on boot perfectly. Is this a known problem for this app? If so, is it likely to be fixed any time soon. Cheers
  6. I got this warning when I opened TorGuard after successful OS upgrade to Pie. Never saw this on Oreo. I have 100+ apps on my app drawer; only TorGuard has shown this message so far. Fingers crossed for quick update to newer api version.🤞
  7. As far as I can tell, the IOS application is either unreliable in maintaining a solid connection with a VPN, or there is an intrinsic issue using a VPN tunnel with mobile. The reason I say this is because at random intervals of time, I notice that my VPN tunnel is no longer connected. I'll open the app, and the connection time will show 00:00 even though the VPN status bar on my phones notification tray is still "active". That being said, once I have reopened the TorGuard app, the connection time once again starts counting. This tells me that for a duration of time, my tunnel was not active, and not running in the background even though I started it. This certainly does not inspire peace of mind. Now, my question is this- Is this a result of a bug in the application? Is it a feature meant to save mobile data? Or is it a result of the phone potentially losing connection to its tower or wifi while roaming about and the tunnel closing? I'd love a response from the developers, and possibly a way to counter this in an update. For those of us who have unlimited data and want peace of mind full time, I can say I'd like to have my VPN "always on". Attached is an image of my TorGuard IOS application. This screen capture shows me having just opened TorGuard while it was running in the background. Before opening the app, the VPN icon was still showing up on the top bar, indicating the VPN is active. However, the connection timer is at 00:00. Very respectfully, -Kerry
  8. Anon101


    Is there a time frame on GCM support in the Android app?
  9. Hi Everyone, Does anyone out there use the Android TV App APK sideloaded onto a Amazon firestick? I have done this and the app loads and starts fine. I can connect to a VPN server. However, the IP address in the upper right corner of the app always shows my genuine IP address and if I browse a website it still shows as my local public IP, not through the VPN. Any ideas why the connected VPN is not being used even though it shows connected? Thanks all in advance for thoughts!
  10. OpenConnect Client Guide For Windows: For Android: Usefull Links/Guides: INFO: Please login to your account to find actuall server list and choose your server. All openvpn/l2tp/pptp hostnames work with anyconnect on port 22. Anyconnect hostnames use port 443.
  11. First time using VPN service. Have client installed, I've authenticated with several different server locations, result is the same. I pull an IP and Public IP shows as " detecting " after a few minutes it gives up and I'm back to the beginning. While this is going on, it reeks havoc with my internet, and chrome is unable to reach pages I already had open. I'm using my Samsung S4 as hotspot with AT&T. Will try from home network when I get there. I freely admit to being a dope and appreciate any help. I saw the instruction to pull logs and install TeamViewer. I have no clue where to find logs and is there an apk for TeamViewer?
  12. Note to all who use Netflix with a Dedicated IP to access other counties catalogs A recent update on the Android platform has given Netflix the ability to detected you are using TorGuard VPN with a dedicated IP, in my case in the USA Once your Dedicated IP is banned/blocked all platforms e.g. PC with Firefox are fail also (for obvious reasons)
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