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    Torguard client unreliable

    Hi Guys. Thought i'd return as this is still an issue for me, in my original message i said i was on the cusp of renewing for a year and it was a leap of faith that it would get fixed. Kinda waited out a few versions. Also asked a staff meber to connect to me as he offered to connect to another user but the user said no, that's cool, so i offered but staff member said they don't do that! Do i don't know. Well we are up to 0.3.71 and this issue still occurs, happened today. 1. Someone said they think it happened when they lost internet, i did think this as well but decided it can't be as i'm sitting here using the internet on other machines that don't have the VPN and if internet dropped, i would have known. 2. I thought maybe it happened if i stressed the connections bit, like it seems to happen more if i start up say 5 torrents at once, seems to increase the chance of it happening, even though i set deluge to a lower number of allowed connections. I'm still on a very fresh install of windows 10, this is a download machine and runs very little else. Would a hijack this log still help? Did someone wish to connect to my laptop remotely and look? Someone else above said they use a app relauncher? How are you doing that?
  2. Aiban

    Torguard client unreliable

    Its Windows 10, so yeah its up to date since you can't easily stop them. Only the standard windows defender is on the PC. I pretty much fresh installed, the only software i put on afterwards is Torguard Firefox Deluge VLC I kept it VERY simple for this reason .... i'll open a ticket, but it would appear my subscription will run out before this gets solved bit of a leap of faith that this will be fixed after i pay for a year... i know thats partially my doing. Also hoped maybe the original poster might return to acknowledge a solution..
  3. Aiban

    Torguard client unreliable

    Sorry to bring up an older thread but its the only thread that is exactly my issue and didn't really want to start from scratch. The issue i get is exactly like the OP - torguard client will simply "close" and disappear, no disconnection notice, it just goes, the biggest issue with this is the killswitch fails to activate and leaves my machine exposed. I'm only 3 days away from a yearly renewal and I've left this late but if i can't find a solution, i will need to look for another company. The original OP said he didn't want remote assistance, but i do not mind at this stage. The system was reinstalled fresh a few moths back as my Windows 10 was the "free" upgrade so i decided a clean install and really has nothing on it except for torguard and deluge, i can't keep exposing myself like that and need a solution. This problem has persisted through many updates, and like the OP - seems to have started with the fresh new look, .. 6 months ago maybe? Thanks.