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  1. This procedure seems to be a system level shutdown if you lose your vpn. How can just shut down one application if lose lose vpn, besides using the torguard built in kill switch and tying your tap 9 in vuze to torguard. Although I would not disable those features I'm looking for redundancy fail safe for just my bit torrent client and not shutting down all access to the internet/
  2. RayStevens

    Setup uTorrent to only use my Torguard VPN connection

    Thank you for the link. It is very helpful Regards, Ray
  3. RayStevens

    Windows 7 sleep mode

    Thank you Support Staff. I am currently in the process of implementing your recommendation. Cheers, Ray
  4. RayStevens

    Can I use my VPN and Proxy at the same time?

    I too would like to run my vpn with a proxy but how do I now if I'm using sock5 or not? And where do I find these "proxy extensions" and how do I set it up? Thanks for any help.
  5. Can somebody please tell me how to setup uTorrent to only use my Torguard VPN connection? Thanks.
  6. RayStevens

    Windows 7 sleep mode

    Torguard was connected to the Dallas server. I have Killap active. My ISP (Cox) claims I was allegedly using a bittorrent client (Deluge) to upload copyrighted material. How do I prevent this type of erroneous misunderstanding from occurring in the future? Thanks for any help.