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  1. Devon Treznor

    Firefox Extension constantly loses connectivity

    TG version 1.4.7, Firefox 61.0.1. Troubleshooting with support, it seems that the Ghostery add-on may be the culprit. So far I've been running all day with Ghostery removed and I have not had any problems which is a first. I will monitor for a few days before I declare success.
  2. I have asked twice now without ever seeing any followup. Why does Firefox lose connectivity so frequently? It happens in Windows 10 64 bit and Windows 7 64 bit, I always have the latest update of Firefox (also 64-bit) and the latest published version of VPNetworksLLC Proxy. I do not have any antivirus extensions enabled. It happens when I'm on wireless and on direct ethernet connections. Randomly without warning I'll be unable to communicate with the proxy and when I bring up the extension I see it searching for a connection. Sometimes it'll find a new one but most times it fails and I have to dismiss the error before hitting Connect again. I always make sure my Windows machines have the most current drivers and BIOS. Curiously, this never ever happens with my Chrome extension. Furthermore, the servers that are accessible to me on Chrome are different from the ones available through Firefox. I prefer Firefox's functionality overall but I've learned if I'm doing something that needs a stable connection I have to do it through Chrome. Can we get an answer on why this is happening or if anyone is looking at it?
  3. Devon Treznor

    TorGuard Firefox Extension 1.4.7

    I am having the same problem with Firefox 61.0.1 and VPNetworksLLC Proxy 1.4.7. It has been intermittent but persistent over the last two weeks. Randomly, with no pattern I can discern, the add-on will drop the connection to the proxy network and be unable to detect the local IP for several moments. On rare occasions I'm forced to restart the browser before it can find it again. This is is happening on three separate machines, two running Windows 10 and one running Windows 7. All three are update to date on Windows updates and have current drivers/BIOS.
  4. Devon Treznor

    TorGuard Firefox Extension 1.4.7

    Is 1.4.4 really that much more stable? When I posted about network drops about it I never got an answer.
  5. Devon Treznor

    TorGuard Firefox Extension 1.4.3

    I do not use any security software that come with browser plugins. I have AVG but do not use their plugin. List of plugins: AddtoAnywhere Flash Blocker Strict Ghostery Reddit Enhancement Suite uBlock origin VPNetworksLLC Proxy
  6. Devon Treznor

    TorGuard Firefox Extension 1.4.3

    I'm disconnected from the proxy and Firefox can't detect any IP address at all. It only happens with the Firefox extension, and if I don't use the VPN then I don't lose connectivity at all.
  7. Devon Treznor

    TorGuard Firefox Extension 1.4.3

    My system was automatically updated to version 1.4.4 and on two separate computers I'm constantly being interrupted when the extension loses the connection. Is anyone else experiencing this and are there any options for support?