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  1. Ace Mcool

    TorGuard Client v3.86.1

    and of course the cleaner of the DL already remove the old install first ! D'oh!
  2. Ace Mcool

    TorGuard Client v3.86.1

    not answer, but i tried to install and i get broken installer (WIN 10 Pro)
  3. Ace Mcool

    $19.99 10Gbit vs $7.99 10Gbit add on

    I agree your support is "A1" Cheers Ace
  4. Ace Mcool

    Encrption & Cloud back up

    I have been checking out about cloud & encryption options, seems that encryption at the Computer level (end user) is a must for any privacy at all. Those who encrypt at the cloud level are at the mercy of the provider as to what is going to be peaked at or even handed over if a warrant/legal request is made. while i think my own data is of little interest to anyone but myself, I would like to know if there are recommendations for encrypting software, and or provider(s) of cloud storage which allow end user encryption or what not. Ace "just because your parnoid doesn't mean you don't have enemies"
  5. hmm I too fall into this catagory. Maybe I should be looking at your torguard encpryted email service as well? Ace Mcool Edit. Is it likely that an ISP could still be aware of the contents of the VPN traffic? (I only DL Movies that are run at your local movie theater.) And is there anything else I can do about encrpyting the taffic? Thx
  6. Ace Mcool

    windows 8 and upgrading viscosity issue

    Yes... But as I hav said I think my issue is two fold - Viscosity and Windows 8 on this machine. Am still shuffling files around to save on the servers here so i can do a reinstall clean and see what issues will be gone, then we can use a bigger hammer to fix it. Paul
  7. Ace Mcool

    Enter win a Free ASUS AC66U VPN Router

    great advice thx
  8. as said, I just don't like my "mail" so to speak being read without making the pricks work for it Also If (at this time) I have reasonable speed going to a local VPN IP, depending on where else I would use one it would slow quite a bit, But I am a torrent downloader more then anything, and I try to keep my ratio fair to others. Cheers
  9. Ace Mcool

    windows 8 and upgrading viscosity issue

    been having these issues for a while, but I KNOW it is a WINDOWS problem, (its not like Microcrap would ever put out product that was defective right? ) its' getting to the point of wiping teh whole computer and doing a freesh install, this isnt the only problem occcuring in my WIN 8.1 pro system, on the other hand my Win 7 64 bit ultimate works pretty well. can we say "Down grade" anyone? Eventually I think I have a linix box using the Viscosity and have it going like a seed box. Cheers Paul