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  1. That seems to work better although I thought I had already tried that. How would I add an exclusion for a non-ip based address?
  2. I tried that and it didnt help. I am using Firefox 58.0.1 on Windows 7 x64
  3. I was able to get it to work by selecting HTTP in the settings but I now cant reach local http servers when it is connected.
  4. And for some reason that did the trick. I was able to connect using the random login info. Thanks.
  5. It doesnt if I have the proxy turned on. It shows my actual IP (as expected) if I dont have the proxy turned on.
  6. I have previously setup qBittorrent under windows to use torguard proxy and it works well. I tried setting up an Unraid docker for qBittorrent and entered the same settings username, password, ports, etc multiple times and I never see the test torrent info show up while testing downloading. I verified that the qBittorrent itself is fine by downloading the latest GIMP installer through it. The logs in qBittorrent dont show anything at all about this.