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  1. 43524_1511348124

    Xfinity hotspots disconnecting

    It's still working for me with TCP 80. At home I'm using UDP without any issue but maybe because I have my own modem and router that it works better than the "public" broadcasting the Xfinity does with their leased modems.
  2. 43524_1511348124

    Xfinity hotspots disconnecting

    Answering my own question apparently. So I did try TCP with port 80 and it's been connected for more than 24 hours straight. So I guess that was the answer after all. Anyone using Xfinity/Comcast public hotspots, take note if your Torguard client is disconnecting constantly.
  3. So I attach a laptop at work to Xfinity's hotspots (mainly to browse outside of my job's network) and use the TorGuard client to further protect what I'm doing. The signal from the hotspot is really strong and whenever I don't use TG's VPN, it's remains solid throughout the day. If I connect to a VPN, it'll generally disconnect after 10-15 minutes, sometimes quicker, sometimes longer. I know it's doing it since I have app kill enabled for the browser, just in case. I read in Xfinity's forums that they block VPN's on the public wifi's (I don't seem to have the same problem at home - at least not as much). Are there specific settings that I should be using to get around these constant disconnects? I read that setting TorGuard to TCP:80 will do the trick and I'm trying it, but thought I would reach out to see if anyone else is having problems or has specific answers. Thanks!
  4. 43524_1511348124

    proxy connection error -4

    I'm having this issue too, just now. Any relief come for anyone yet?
  5. 43524_1511348124

    Am I hidden?

    OK, so it just happened again. The exact error is "Proxy connect error: offline (timed out)" for the http://torguard.net/torrentip/announce.php tracker. So I'm good still? The other downloads are still downloading. I'm still connected to the proxy? Sorry to be a bother, but I've had a couple other proxy services screw me over with things like this. I'm hoping TorGuard isn't. Thanks.
  6. 43524_1511348124

    Am I hidden?

    So I use uTorrent and have all the settings and the "checkMyTorrentIP" running and says "success" on it. However, I found that it had failed at one point though I had downloads still running. So does that mean I wasn't downloading through TorGuard proxies? Or was I and always going through the proxies if I have it setup in the settings of uTorrent? Just want to know since uTorrent seems to download no matter if that "checkMyTorrentIP" is successful or not.