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  1. Team, I just signed up today because for a while I've heard about your stellar speeds. I have direct fiber to my place on a Gigabit plan through ATT Gigapower. Service is amazing, fast, stable. Any day of the week anytime I can pull speedtest.net results around 940Mb down and 940Mb up, with 10-12ms latency - Point is that it's a super great connection. I signed up today and paid for the dedicated 10Gb backbone. I configured and added each 10Gb server manually and tried each 10Gb connection with each of the various options trying to get better speeds. The best I could manage download was around 150-200Mb, similar upload speeds. I understand that there is some VPN overhead of around 3-15% give or take. Even so, I would still expect faster speeds than that. What kinds of speeds are those on a true gigabit connection getting? What other things should I be looking at or testing? I installed the client on a healthy Windows machine. I have an Ubiquity Edge-Router lite. Is that sufficient or does that not matter for VPN traffic and that's all handled on Windows client side for processing power? The router can easily handle Gb internet traffic not using a VPN client on my windows machine.