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  1. Hello Support, Yes, just getting around to seeing this, will go ahead and test and let you know soon. - Nick
  2. Hello All, When I try to open hyperlinks inside Microsoft Word while connected to VPN, some of the links are slow to open. I have tried internet exploder, firefox, and chrome and they are all slow. I have tried the same links while NOT connected to vpn and they open quickly. I am using Window 7 PRO 64-bit Build 7601, Microsoft Word 2016. Chrome seems to be the fastest, but even it can take over 10 seconds, sometimes 45 seconds when the site is not cached. Here is a test link below that works fast without vpn and SLOW with vpn. Is there a setting that I can change to make this faster? Any suggestions are appreciated. https://blogs.oracle.com/dbcs/connecting-to-a-database-cloud-service-with-sql-developer-and-ssh I am currently evaluating the product starting today and so far this is the only thing I have found that is slow, otherwise, my internet speed using speedtest.net is actually a little faster (minor difference). Thanks, - Nicholas