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  1. bassozka

    does torguard work in china?

    do all server work?
  2. bassozka

    #Request beta version

    hi Where can i get next torguard beta version?
  3. bassozka

    #Request some features

    hi I request torguard developer team to add: Quick Connect option(connect to fastest server) add Pingtime(for gaming) Lan Bypass option change to Modern UI such as pia Change server without disconnecting thanks
  4. Hi friends I want to connect to torguard with android version but after fillng user password fields it stick in reconnecting loop and not connect I change port but it not connect I dont have any problem in windows client with same isp Please help me
  5. hi now i cant connect to italy server
  6. hi my android version is 7.0 but in app after auth,it stick in reconnecting and not connect to any server please help me
  7. bassozka

    italy server not work

    no,i have this problem yet
  8. bassozka

    add pingtime

    hi i suggest that torguard add pingtime to future version thank you
  9. bassozka

    shown remote ip

    hi remote ip that shown after connected is not Dangerous?can anyone remote my computer?
  10. bassozka

    A few suggestions

    hi i use torguard but i have a few suggestions change ui like as other vpn program(pia beta for example) add ping time and favorite server and disable lan network and split tunneling features thank you