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    Feature thought / Request

    I never thought about using the proxy, that is a great idea!
  2. Brian K

    Feature thought / Request

    I'm a bone head, I kept looking for the setting while the client was connected and never realized you need to be disconnected to see them. Thanks much!
  3. Is there anything that might alert, notify, stop your connection when TorGuard crashes? It doesn't happen often but when TorGuard crashes it's easy to miss that you are not connected with it. It would be great if it stopped the network connection and would prompt you to continue.
  4. Normally Chicago or Vegas, the disconnects do causes issues because it exposes your IP address and that caused a email to arrive.....
  5. The speed is better, not what it was but it improved. What did stop is the drops, where it would drop several times a day I think it's going maybe once every few days.
  6. I'm new to Torguard and for the first few weeks it was moving really well, great speeds and such but over the last two days the speeds have been 1-20th of what they were. Has something changed, the speed drop is horrible and it is only when the VPN is connected.