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    IPV6 Address Being Leaked

    I hate to answer my own question. But I just checked the same Chicago server and all is well now. Not sure if it was fixed after I said something or the issue I saw the other day was just a glitch. But everything appears secure as of right now. Still doesn't leave me with a warm and fuzzy feeling if this is going to be an off/on problem.
  2. I just enabled IPV6 on my router and ISP's modem the other day. I logged into Torguard using the latest software and I used the Chicago server since it is faster than the server close to me. On Saturday I went to ipleak.net to see if any of my inf was being leaked. Sure enough my IPV6 address showed as being leaked and the map showed my connection to be within 2 streets of where I actually live. IPV4 was secure. I connected with Torguard software v3.92.0. I have Chicago selected. Also OpenVPN, UDP, 1912 (SHA256), and AES-128-GCM selected. Under more settings , network, I have Prevent WebRTC Leak and Prevent IPV6 Leak selected. My IPV6 location is being leaked. I did not try another server as I got nervous and turned off IPV6 in my ISP's modem. Can someone at Torguard please check your Chicago server for leaks? Others here in this forum might also want to check your connections too. Thank you.