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  1. JessiTom

    Very slow download speed

    Usually its ok but sometimes its speed pounces around I tried it. Btw, when will torguard make some socks5 in Asian countries ?
  2. JessiTom

    Very slow download speed

    Then is it just temporary global usage increased or Torguard oversells things ?
  3. JessiTom

    Feature thought / Request

    If u are hesitant about that kill switch, use your regular software's native proxy/socks proxy function. Its built to stop working if the proxy is down.
  4. JessiTom

    Streaming on Netflix won't work

    Ah i see lol. Thx man
  5. Hey i am curious a bit about that core 1 core 2 in the router ? What core 1 doing again ? Isnt router supposed to load balance the apps over 2 cores ? Thx
  6. JessiTom

    Streaming on Netflix won't work

    If you want to share the netflix capability with me, drop me a message, still have a few slots left
  7. Yea using RT-AC86U here, its fast as hell since it has vpn encryption acceleration chip, not all hardware revisions have it though so check that carefully or else the gain will be smaller.